Aeon Home Energy Meter v1 -Configure button doesn't work

I have added the meter to ST, and is working, but the “configure” button does not work.

I have removed the device and reinstalled several times.

I have also changed the device handler to “Aeon Home Energy Meter + C3” several times and the configure button does not work with that handler either.

I have seen that others have posted about the configure button not working, but a reinstall had worked for them.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Using Android App- Fully Updated

“configure” does nothing visible - it applies new parameters, if you have revised the device handler.

What were you expecting to happen?

If your device is working then I suggest beer time.

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Ha, Beer time has already started. :slight_smile:
I thought this is where I could change the update frequency, mine is reporting every 5 min.

Not sure of what else I thought would be in there. FOMO :smile: