Aeon HEM Gen 5 Double Reading?

Had my Aeon Z095-a Energy Monitor hooked up today to the electric panel in my house (as per instruction provided with the device). At first all appeared fine but after sometime it was apparent the reading were actually twice the amount actually being used. For instance, turning on a 1500 watt kettle increased the Total Watts reading of the HEM by 3000 watts (approx).

I was able to compare the HEM readings to that of my Electric meter outside. The HEM readings are at least twice as much as that of the electric meter.

I decided I would do a complete factory reset of the HEM and add it to my AEON USB Stick along with Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi 3. Sure enough. The values are double of what they should be. So much for blaming ST and/or ST device driver. :confused:

I opened up my electric panel to double check the clamp connections. Didnt seem to make any difference which clamp (L1, L2) was connected to which live wire. In the end I ended up hooking up each clamp as indicated in the Aeon manual for this device. The connections are:

Plugging the HEM into the Live1 socket OR Live2 socket seemed to make absolutely no noticeable difference.

Is my unit defective, hooked up wrong or is there something I must set??

stab in the dark - make sure your receptacle neutral is terminated to neutral. Doesn’t really explain why it could be double.

I took my best guess at “direction” of the clamps and wound up with “slightly negative” amps. Then I reversed one clamp, pressed a button and did a little raindance and nothing! then it reported OK a few minutes later. Try that.

Aren’t there a boatload of parameters to tweak in the device type then press “Configure” - did you look at them?

Didn’t know there was a gen5…

oh yeah don’t electrocute yourself.

The include/exclude button???

As for the clamps. I have tried a few different ways but none seem to make any difference. The receptacle is wired directly/exclusively to the electric panel. In fact it was the first outlet ever installed in this house when it was being built in 2004. This is not to say its wired correctly :wink: I might just pull it out and check it. Funny thing is, I plugged the HEM into a Live 2 outlet and it made no difference even though the installation manual make a strong point it must be plugged into a Live 1 outlet.

the button may be metaphorical or even allegorical. It was so long ago and my memory is weak anyway. My HEM is v2? no battery, definitely not “gen5” .

Clamp direction DOES matter to v2; of that I am sure. Perhaps the “button” was the configure button. My problem resolution was indeed fuzzy.

My guess is there is no absolute difference between "line1 and “line2”. The relative difference of course is 1.