Aeon Doorbell Type Beta

actually… .

rm -f _*.mp3

little safer and runs through all integers 01-99

Did you answer your own question or are you still unable to play anything?

I answered my own question… From a Mac the copy over is very easy if you do all the files… but you have to remove the hidden files

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Wow, thanks @ttgrant7 and @krlaframboise! This fixed tha apparently-defective Aeon Multifunction I posted about a couple of months back.

The trick, as noted, was to reformat and delete all the invisible files. I deleted the .Spotlight-V100 and .fseventd folders just to be on the safe side.

Mine was also named NO NAME originally- changed it to AEON per the instructions. I may do a bit more testing to see if this makes a difference.

This is a great community!

Sorry for the bump. Is there a collated summary of the best way to get this set up? Is it still the best option for a standalone door bell to integrate with smartthings?

My bell needs replacing anyway, so something that rings & can notify us via smartthings would be ideal. Bonus points if we can use it from other sensors (especially as our phones are in do not disturb overnight so ST notifications don’t get heard)

Try this. It is more current for the Aeon Doorbell,