Aeon Doorbell Type Beta

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Now I just need the IDE and Mobile app to come back online.
[/quote] My Aeon Siren came in today right after everything went down so know how you feel.

Since you can’t do anything with yours yet, you may want to review the documentation for the 3 available device handlers. That will give you a better idea of which one you want to use and it will save time because you’ll know the workarounds for the known issues.

Any Recommendations on where to look at that? Or is it just in this thread?

This thread has all the information for the Aeon Doorbell Type Beta.

Here are the links for the other 2 device handlers and their first few posts have the latest version and full documentation.

Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell

Aeotec Doorbell

I forgot to say thank you, I have it all hooked up, and it appears to work. All I am using it for rite now is a door bell, and I use it to alarm if a door is left open.

Hi all. Has anyone got this doorbell working in the uk at the moment. I’ve been looking but can’t find a uk version of it?. Would love to add this to my home. Thanks in advance

Unfortunately it is not yet being manufactured on the UK Zwave frequency, so it will not work with the UK SmartThings hub.

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Does anyone have any idea as to y the doorbell just seems to be turning it self off? It was working perfectly for months… Then recently people come to my door push bell and nothing happens… Then if I go to speak to press button on it, bell will ring when pressed… But then it just stops working again?

I can’t seem to figure out y.

Can I connect two buttons to one speaker?

Not directly, but the other DTH allows you to play any track number from any Smart App that supports the Music Player capability, so there’s really no need to do it directly.

Still having a problem understanding how the MP3 files are supposed to be organized/named in order to know what track is what number on the doorbell. I have tried to label the individual mp3’s with a number at the beginning starting with 02. but that doesn’t seem to be the right order that the track play on the doorbell app. I have a silent mp3 track that I copied first onto the Doorbell. That seems to be working fine.

Just not getting the rest organization down…

thanks for any clarification!

Copy all the files to a directory off the device.

Format the device.

Use a folder ON YOUR COMPUTER to organize your files.

Name 01, 02, 03, 04 etc…

With additional information if you like such as 01 Silent, 02 Door Bell, etc.

Then select all files in this management directory and copy over to the doorbell.


Sweet! thanks for the clarification.

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Hi Ron,

Wondering if you can help as I see you posted you are doing all of this from a Mac as well. And I had everything working great (Bell, DH, etc…) using the default sound files. Now, I cannot play anything (total silence).

  1. I’ve setup a library in a local folder on my Mac.



  1. I successfully formatted the drive via terminal using: sudo diskutil eraseDisk FAT32 AEON MBRFormat /dev/disk3

here is the diskutil list output:
/dev/disk3 (external, physical):
0: FDisk_partition_scheme *126.9 MB disk3
1: DOS_FAT_32 AEON 126.8 MB disk3s1

  1. I copied the first silent file over

  2. I then selected file#2 and shift selected file 99, and copied everything over

Hi Ron,

Your commands were key. All I do is select file 1, then shift select file 99 and copy over onto a deleted AEON folder. then run rm -f ._* to remove all the hidden files. It ends up leaving all the files in perfect order.


actually… .

rm -f _*.mp3

little safer and runs through all integers 01-99

Did you answer your own question or are you still unable to play anything?

I answered my own question… From a Mac the copy over is very easy if you do all the files… but you have to remove the hidden files

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Wow, thanks @ttgrant7 and @krlaframboise! This fixed tha apparently-defective Aeon Multifunction I posted about a couple of months back.

The trick, as noted, was to reformat and delete all the invisible files. I deleted the .Spotlight-V100 and .fseventd folders just to be on the safe side.

Mine was also named NO NAME originally- changed it to AEON per the instructions. I may do a bit more testing to see if this makes a difference.

This is a great community!

Sorry for the bump. Is there a collated summary of the best way to get this set up? Is it still the best option for a standalone door bell to integrate with smartthings?

My bell needs replacing anyway, so something that rings & can notify us via smartthings would be ideal. Bonus points if we can use it from other sensors (especially as our phones are in do not disturb overnight so ST notifications don’t get heard)

Try this. It is more current for the Aeon Doorbell,