Aeon door/window sensor 6 secure vs non-secure

I have a bunch of these Aeon Labs door/window sensor 6 (the triangle ones). I started out with just a couple for a few months on the doors before I bought any for windows. Now I have every door and window in the house with one. Originally I had them connected as non-secure devices (green light) because I was unaware they were capable of connecting secure (blue light). I was only purchasing two or three a month and discovered the secure inclusion capability during the last purchase that completed the house. So, I gathered them all up, removed them all from the network and readded them securely. Now I have a ton of problems.

Everything worked great when they were all non-secure. Now as secure I have a couple that will show up as “unavailable”. Taking them off the window to trigger an open will fix that, but just for a little while and then it does it again. Others have terrible battery life now. One that would last for 3 months on one charge now only lasts a few weeks. One of the doors likes to say it’s open even after closing and opening/closing the door again will fix it, almost like the close message didn’t make it to the hub.

I’m curious what the difference is between secure vs non-secure besides the encryption of messages. The user guide seems to imply more functionality if you do the secure inclusion, but as far as I know these only report open/close/battery status and they do that in both secure and non-secure modes. I’m also curious if changing these back to non-secure devices if reliability will go back to how it was or if these devices just aren’t that great. The oldest ones I have are about a year old now and those seem to have fewer problems than the newest ones.

Does anyone have any insight here? Is secure inclusion for door/window sensors really that big of a deal? I can see the importance for locks, but these don’t actually do anything other than let me know of a status change. Am I the only one with these types of problems with this particular device or are these widespread and my forum searches didn’t find it before purchasing?

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