Advise on inline zwave /zwave or wifi dimmer

I have a really old house 20s with knob and tube wiring - there are no wall switches and most of the ceiling fixtures (we still have 3) have knobs on the bulb sockets - about 20yrs ago when we moved in I took a couple of X-10 WS-467 switches and slid them in the ceiling - since then they have worked without any issues and I have been integrating them into various HA systems. Unfortunately one of then finally died and has become unresponsive.

The challange I have have is that the WS-467s are about an inch thick and that about all the room I have without breaking plaster, and every z-wave or zigbee dimmer i have seen is really fat usually 2-3 inches.

Any suggestions - looking for something that is not too fat

@JDRoberts you are prince of this knowledge - any ideas

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Aeotec nano or qubino are the smallest, I think. Both are Z wave plus.

Aeotec nano dimmer

  • Dimensions: 1.7" x 1.6" x 0.8"

Qubino ZMNHDD3 dimmer

  • Dimensions: 1.6" x 1.4" x 0.6"

In either case, should have both brands. :sunglasses:

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thank you as always :smile:

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