Advice on a service manager and device handler

All I want to do a new app for handling X-10, RF and other remote controls using node-red as a backend - I have the node-red worked out, and if you haven’t check that out as a local backend, very impressive. made mqtt, and tcp servers with zero or minimal code just drag and drop components. But I digress.

Basically here is what I am thinking -

  1. Smartapp that discovers and connects to the backend - creates a controller child device so we can get messages from the backend running on the local LAN on port 39500

  2. We Add remote controls on the smart app manually and configure their mapping i.e this remote control - turns on and off this device etc. or this motion sensor can control this.

I would appreciate if someone can give some advice on the following:

  1. What would be some good small examples of smart apps, where devices are being added to a list based on device type discovery and shown in UI? I have seen a few automation apps do this but they are doign a bunch of other things, so the code can be hard to get through

  2. Should I be doing this at all or is there another way i can just add external remotes as devices to the system let other automation things do their thing? This seems like a more extensible approach, In this case what type of device should I add the remote control as?