ADT Window Sensor communication protocol

Looking at switching to a ADT Hub. I live in a single story ranch style house. Very long from end to end to cover all windows/doors. With the current limitation of a single control unit I need some idea of how the sensors communicate. i.e. mesh (ZW or ZB) or directly to hub. Since its independent of the rest of smarthings devices I wasn’t sure what tech they used.

If its direct the supposed 350ft range is going to be an issue and will make this not viable. If its a mesh then I would be fine.

Are you asking about the dual logo ADT/smartthings hub? Or just an ADT device?

If it’s the dual logo device, it uses a proprietary protocol (not zwave or zigbee) for the devices that are allowed to trigger calls to the alarm center. They are not mesh. See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Yes dual branded sensors on ADT Samsung panel. I read that, but it doesn’t cover distance or communication protocol.

Ok so direct communication to hub, max distance w/o obstruction is 350 ft.

And I bet they do not make an extension unit or let you use two panels yet?

Correct. :disappointed_relieved: You can talk to people who are actually using that model in the following thread: