ADT water leak detector - does alarms show up on your ADT ST hub panel?

So I just got off the phone with ST support regarding my water leak detector alerts not showing up on my ADT ST hub when I do a walk through but show up on the apps and the tech said he tried triggering their leak detector in their test lab and got the same results. Basically both the new and classic apps get the alerts that the sensor was wet and then dry but it asks you to reset the alarm from the panel before you can arm the system but there is nothing to reset or acknowledge on the panel and you can arm the system from the panel.

The events show in the Device IDE event log but not on the hub event log.

Can someone with an ADT water leak sensor please try to do a walk thru test by triggering the sensor. It’s hard to believe that something as basic as this does not show up on the ADT hub. I just want to make sure that I am getting the right info from ST support.

I’ve re-paired the H2O device and reinstalled both new and classic apps and rebooted the hub and got the same results.