ADT ST Security Hub & Multipurpose Sensors

Hello, Does anyone have any experience or tried to PAIR the ST Multipurpose Sensors (F-MLT-US-2) with the ADT ST Security Hub (F-ADT-STR-KT-1)? Blue lights blink, but APP ‘Add a Thing’ never locates. I’ve reset several times and pulled the battery. There is no QR code in the boxes. _paul

I found this “This device is compatible with the ADT Security Hub, but is not compatible with ADT professional monitoring services.” But still could not pair them with my ADT Security Hub. I will be returning back to Amazon.

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Correct, if you want it to trigger something as part of your ADT monitoring, it will not because it is not a SmartThings-ADT sensor. It is compatible with the ADT ST Security Hub through Zigbee. You may have to check the Zigbee utilities either through the app or by logging into to see if secure rejoin is causing the issue and disable it until you can get things up and running, and/or change the zigbee channel.

You might try moving the sensor closer to the panel to pair, too.