ADT SmartThings Units Sold?

Do we know how well it is selling?

We don’t even know how well regular SmartThings Hubs are selling…

Play Store says 100,000 to 500,000 installations of SmartThings Classic App.


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Can you figure this one out? :joy:

that’s because samsung connect was included with every samsung phone and tablet for the last 5+ years, I believe.


So it must have had a different foundation to it before they introduced ST to it. Like if you login to the Samsung website with your account, the functions like find your phone, etc…

Makes sense if it was pre installed on all those devices. So throw those numbers out the window. :slight_smile:

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Yes… Unfortunately, i guess we’ll no longer get even a vague clue as to how many customers SmartThings has.

Fewer than 1,000,000 in 5 years isn’t as high as most people would expect.

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I just saw a commercial on TV for Simplisafe and they updated their devices so they look like they are from the 2000s versus the 1960s (not sure how long ago they did that) and added a bunch of other devices for their system. So I browsed their site and even they have 2,000,000+ customers that they state anyway. (However, their app downloads in Play Store show 100,000+)

Also each device change would count as a separate download, but not a separate customer. Have it on your wife’s phone? Your kid’s phone? Change your phone because the old one broke? There could be 5 or more downloads for a single smartthings hub.

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If you uninstall and download again, does that constitute a new download to the count? For some ST customers who are frustrated that could equate to 10+ downloads :joy:

Possibly? I think it’s tracked by individual device.

@tgauchat puts the number between 200,000 and 500,000 (v1 and v2 assumed). Not sure of the mathematical equation that he used to derive at that. Combination of downloads, ActionTiles customers, community members, etc… Terry, the numbers I was referencing were from your reply on Quora.

I was reading an article over the acquisition from 2014 and they talk about approx 10,000 at the time with a 10 to 20 percent increase per month. And depending on what they do, muddying the waters :joy: The waters are definitely muddy right now.

That was an April 2016 Quora Answer; so here we are 2 years later.

  1. The Google Play Store installation count is based on unique Gmail addresses (or is it devices?) - regardless, it does not count re-installations of App. I’m not sure if it decrements the counts for uninstalls, but the public number does not count “stale” (i.e., unused) installations either.

  2. I presume the average household has at least 1.5 unique people installing the App, on average (i.e., husband and wife, or multiple kids, etc., …).

  3. The number of households with multiple Hubs (“Locations”) is probably trivial and not worth taking into account.

  4. I also presume that iOS installs are approximately equal in quantity to Android installs.


The maximum number of Hubs must be 1 million and is likely to be much smaller.

  • 2 x 500,000 / 1.5 - abandoned Hubs - resold hubs
  • = 666,000 Hubs at the upper end

~= $50 million gross revenue from Hubs. Samsung sure hasn’t earned their $200 million back yet.

(Assuming the Play Store numbers are not completely misleading?).


I’m thinking that an achievement of reaching 1,000,000 hubs sold would warrant an announcement from ST or help to drive a marketing campaign touting those numbers, maybe? So I definitely agree with you that it’s under a million.

I’m thinking that they are somewhere in the vicinity of 250,000. No evidence whatsoever. Just a pure guess. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! I was just wondering if there was any announced sales I didn’t see.

This thread is discussing the total number of units sold. If you’re looking for information on sale prices, people usually post those to the “deals” section of the forum. :sunglasses: