ADT/SmartThings Touchscreen Panel Displays Temperature in Wrong Units

Hi, I have set up my new ADT/SmartThings panel and originally, the time was incorrect so I went into the app and set the location for the hub. My location and the time updated correctly. I noticed that within the location setting is a setting for temperature scale so I changed it to C (Celsius).

Within the app my thermostat and sensors display correctly in Celcius but the touchscreen panel still displays in Fahrenheit. Is there a different method to have the touchscreen panel display the temperature in Celsius?


You may be able to change that from the installer tool box menu. Tap the icon in the lower left corner and enter 1501. Check the options in there

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  1. Tap and hold the ADT logo at the bottom left
  2. Enter 1501 as the installer code
  3. Select “System Configuration,” then “Panel Programming”
  4. In the list on the left, scroll to “Temperature Display Units” and change it
  5. At the top right, select “Return to System Configuration”, then tap the blue back arrow at the left and choose “Save” when prompted
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Well THAT was easy.

Thanks Andreas & Mavrrick!



Hello, I am having issue with the time or at least the time zone. Where do I make an adjustment? Help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

I believe that is based on the hub location in smartthings. Check your location setup in the smartthings app and make sure it is right.