ADT SmartThings Hub - Test mode disabling wireless

Hello Everyone.

I’m at a loss here.

When I do the test mode on the ADT SmartThings Hub, the disconnects and gives the error “authentication problem”, and then the tests fail.

Now before anyone says, “You need to enter the right password.” I am…

Because as soon as this comes up, I type in the correct password, it connects. The app comes back online, and we start the whole process over.

Now before someone says, “It’s got to be your internet.” It’s not…

Because no other device in the house disconnects, and I’m using a Ubiquiti Networks UniFi system, with 2 NanoHD AP’s. The network logs shows that the client is disconnecting, and not trying to authenticate again. I actually just replaced my entire network the other week because my old system was doing this same thing on a daily basis. I thought it was that crappy wireless router that I had, guess it wasn’t.

So it’s the hub that is messing up when test mode is activated.