ADT Smartthings Hub "Console central station communication failure"

Edit: Problem is a repost. Please see JDRoberts’ links

If you check the first bugs report page in the community – created wiki, this problem was reported earlier today and multiple community members have it. ADT is aware of it, but doesn’t have a fix. Smartthings support is closed until Monday. :scream:

The wiki page will direct you back to the following discussion thread:

That is my post that I made earlier. It has been flagged for removal. Yes others are experiencing the same problem and it appears to be a known issue however like it was said earlier, Support is closed until Monday.

I don’t see any reason why your post would be flagged, it was probably someone who meant to like it and flagged it by accident. That does happen sometimes.

The flagging process is automatic, but a person will look at it before it gets removed so that should get cleared up eventually. But I know it’s annoying, it’s happened to me too occasionally.

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My bad. Sorry I searched for the issue and didn’t see anything.