ADT/SmartThings Hub Announced for UK in November 2018

Thanks to @i_konst For spotting this new page on the UK SmartThings website which announces that the ADT/smartthings model line should be coming to the UK next month.

This is been available in the US for about a year, and is the only smart things model I personally would consider as a security system, as it is the only one that has cellular communication to the monitoring center. All other SmartThings model lines rely on the Internet and the smartthings cloud for all notifications, including the ones to your own phone. It also has its own set of dual logo security sensors which use a proprietary protocol and should be more reliable than the home automation ones.

I don’t know if it’s going to have exactly the same features as the one in the US, but here’s the discussion thread and a couple of other links for that one.

And one community member has created a popular custom smartapp which has a lot of additional functionality For integrating the home automation and home security sides of this model. I would think it would work the same with UK version, but of course we will have to wait and see to be sure. :sunglasses:


interesting! I didn’t know ADT had business presence in the UK

Yes, they’ve been operating in the UK for almost 75 years, and are one of the top three brands for monitored residential systems. They tend to be regarded more as a budget brand for residential and as a full-service brand for commercial properties. They have a fairly simple single zone system which runs around £300/year. And then a more complex multi zone offering.

Chubb and G4S are also popular monitoring brands in the UK.

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Did we ever have this camera in the USA?

Nope. That’s a Vodafone product and is available exclusively as part of the Vodafone smartthings offering for now (EU only). It’s currently scheduled to be available for more general purchase in the EU in February 2019, but I doubt if it will ever come to US.

Requires the V-Home Hub. The V-Home Hub is sold as part of the V-Home Safety Starter Kit.

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I had been pretty hacked off that ADT US had three different ‘smart’ Alarm systems including the Smartthings one whereas ADT UK had none I would consider to be smart. (Despite their own protestations.)

I therefore had been leaning towards getting a DSC PowerSeries alarm system with the Envisalink module to link it to Smartthings. Being a standard DSC panel it would be able to use the DSC cellular module as well.

As I recall the ADT/Smartthings product is purely wireless including the outdoor sirens. This is the one area I am unhappy with. I don’t like the idea of having to periodically get a very tall ladder to replace batteries on the external sirens.

(The DSC PowerSeries can use a mix of wireless and wired sensors and sirens.)

@JDRoberts @i_konst
By the way, that ADT/Smartthings ‘coming soon’ page has now been removed :frowning:

Hopefully this does not mean they have cancelled it. :disappointed:

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It depends if you are an optimistic (glass is half-full) or pessimist (glass is half-empty).

Or if you lean Buddhist: It doesn’t matter either way. It just "is’.

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It appears they have canceled it since they are now offering the Vodafone security product in the EU and the UK instead.

Just had a look at that Vodafone link.

What a pile of poo.

It is a standard Smartthings Hub, standard Smartthings sensors and a few additional non-Samsung Smartthings sensors along with a new app.

They do offer a monitoring service - this at least is a plus point.
They do since it is nothing more than Smartthings allow adding other brands of smart products. However I doubt they would ‘monitor’ other brands of smoke or leak detectors for example.

So very little effort in creating a new solution.
No outdoor siren.
But at least friendlier to being part of a larger smart home portfolio. More so than the ADT solution for example.

No-one yet has done in the UK the mind bogglingly obvious and included a smart stop cock valve to go with the smart leak detector.

It is not clear but it does not look like you could use an existing Smartthings Hub with their monitoring service. With Smartthings having failed to provide a backup or migration tool for years this would involve a lot of pain to move to a new hub.

No control panel so you would have to use their app or possibly the standard app to arm/disarm - at least they are not forcing you to use ‘ye olde numeric keypad’.

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