ADT SmartThings Automations?

From that print screen the buttons look good.

You certainly do have some issues with the mode change app. You should have 5 things to setup when going into the app as show in in my previous screenshot. If you don’t have that then just delete it and download it again from the repo.


That is what the info looks like in my IDE for my repo. Just to clarify
Owner = Mavrrick
Name = SmartThings-by-Mavrrick
Branch = master

That repo is open to the public so you should be able to get the apps right from there. If you can get that working we can ensure there are no issues with getting the apps into yor IDE.

In your IDE you should see something like this that will list the parent and child apps. Notice only the ADT Tools app is published.

Once all of the apps are loaded you should go to the Automations tab in the Smartthings Classic app. Click on the Smartapps tabs in the upper right. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and click on “+ Add Smart App”. From there Select “+ My Apps” at the bottom. Most Likely you will see “ADT Tools” near the top of the list of smartapps. Click on ADT Toolsand you will be presented with a list of child apps. From their select the option for “Allows Changing Alarm Mode from Smartapps” option and you should see the ADT Mode change app pop up and it’s setup options. Configure it as we have discussed earlier.

I redid everything but when I don’t publish the other smartapps, they don’t show up on my smartthings classic app. The only thing visible is ADT Tools. Still not working. Thanks though

That is right. Now click on the ADT tools app. You should see several options and the mode change app will be in that list. It doesn’t say ADT mode change though. It is labeled as “Allows changing of alarm mode from smartapps”

Yea I could probably make that association more clear.

The ADT Tools acts as a container for all the other pieces.

I probably made one small mistake because it still only shows me to assign a name and set for specific mode(s) which is Away, Home and Night. My devices say they are all on and stay in that status.

Did you github to work?

Do I need to do anything in Github besides copying your code and info into IDE? I have a Github account but have never used it before.

All you should have to do is copy the code.

If you have a github account all you should need to do is go through the setup process in the ide to link to your account. Then add my repo. Once my repo is added as shown listed in the previous post you should be able to click on update from repo and select mine from the drop down list. The ide will list the apps. You just click the checkbox next to each app and click on execute. It will down load them.

The fact you dont have any input values looks like you somehow didn’t get the code properly in the IDE. It is like you got the very first page that was on your screen, but didn’t scroll to the bottom. Maybe that is the next question. If you open the code for the app in the IDE, how many lines of code do you have for the apps.

If you get github setup that takes the manual copy and paste step out. You just tell it what apps to download after telling it to update from repo.

I was able to add your repo by manually entering it in IDE. Not sure if I need to do anything with Github besides what I did copying your code and commands over into IDE.

click on update from repo and select mine from the drop down list. The ide will list the apps. You just click the checkbox next to each app and click on execute. It will down load them.

Do I just select publish or execute and then publish? I just published and executed it. Still not working. I also noticed that even though I selected my apps under Safety and Security, it just saves them blank. Yours actually shows up. Also the execution status of my devices says it’s in the cloud. Not sure if that is right. I’m thinking that since I just added your repo that maybe I need to redo all the apps and it will fix it. At this point I’m not certain of anything.

  1. Delete all the apps and the device handler from my repo
  2. Click on update from repo.
  3. Select my repo
  4. Select ADT tools app.
  5. Click check box to publish.
  6. Click on execute.
  7. Wait for app to be published and shown in your list of apps.
  8. Click on update from repo.
  9. Select my repo
  10. Select remaining ADT apps and click on execute.
  11. Remaining apps should appear in list of apps
  12. Click on “My device Handler” tab
  13. Click on update from repo button.
  14. Click on my repo
  15. Seletct the the ADT Button device handler
  16. Click the publish button.
  17. Click on execute.
  18. Update your virtual button device to use the ADT momentary button tile device type.
  19. Open smartthingss classic app on phone
  20. Go to automation button on bottom of screen. Then click on smartapp at top of screen.
  21. Scroll to bottom and select " + Add a Smartapp"
  22. Select “+ My Apps”
  23. Select “ADT Tools”
  24. Select the option for “Allows changing alarm mode from Smartapps”.
  25. Configure your options for each alarm mode.
  26. Click on save

Go to things tap button to set armed/stay and test app. If it works now test button associated with Disarmed.

If that works go to your good night routine and add to it to press the button to armed/away the alarm when triggered. You would now be able to arm alarm at night when you go to bed.

Ok so I’m almost where I need to be. I literally have everything showing up and it looks like it will work but it doesn’t. Well sort of. It seems to work when I programmed it in the Samsung SmartThings app. For some reason it doesn’t work in the classic app. I set everything and save it but when I get out of smart apps it’s gone. I also noticed it stopped working in the Samsung app now too. Strange.

Disregard everything. I got it working. I didn’t select save the second time to finalize everything. Works great now. Thank you so much for your help.

This thread helped me so much. Thank you Maverick!

I was able to get the arm disarm to sync with my v2 hub status. So i now have multiple ways to turn on/off the alarm and it syncs with the adt panel. Thanks for all the discussion on that above.

Im trying to get my other ST sensors (open close and motion) to also trigger the siren in the ADT panel. That siren is crazy loud compared to my dome siren.

Will the “Alert any sensor” child app also trigger the panel siren? I dont have the adt service and dont want it. I cannot seem to get it to trigger the adt panel in any way.

Mavrrick, thanks for all the info you provide for those of us trying to figure it out. Rather than try to apply the recommendations you’ve given other users to my application, let me give you my scenario and let you determine if this desired end result is possible.

So I’m a former Iris user. Switched to the Smartthings Platform with the ADT Hub Security. So far so good, but two annoying quirks: Not being able to control the status of the alarm by selecting different scenes… and not being able to change the status of the alarm or initiate a scene when unlocking a smart lock tied into the system.

I’ve seen tons of chatter regarding the ADT Tools Smart App, as well as Smart Home Monitor, but no matter how hard I search in either the ST Classic or new ST app, I cant find either! I would love to know if what I’m looking for just isn’t possible so I can stop trying to find it, or even better, for you to tell me its possible and explain how Haha. Any info appreciated!

ADT Tools is custom code. You have to add a copy of it to your own account and then publish it to yourself. This only works with the classic app. Here’s the FAQ on that process and the terminology used, which should help you in further discussions. :sunglasses:

Smart Home Monitor is an official feature, but the way it works when you have the ADT model of the hub is a little different, so I will leave that to @Mavrrick58 to explain.

Also, it’s important to note that there are two completely different features with different options that are both called smart home monitor, one for the classic app, and one for the new app. You can run both apps at the same time, but automations you set up or notifications that you receive from smart home monitor in one will not in any way affect the other, which can get pretty confusing. Also be careful to note in each conversation about SHM whether the person is talking about the classic app or the new app.

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Ok so a few things.

First once you add the ADT Smartthings Panel to a location in Smartthings ecosystem that location can no longer load Smart Home Monitor. That is by design by Samsung. There are tricks to get them together, but if you have all ADT Sensors for security it really shouldn’t be needed.

ADT tools has a feature that manages the Alarm Mode integrations. What you are wanting needs that. Simply put that integration provides a virtual button that anything in Smartthings can use to change the mode desired modes.

You probably should go check the ADT Tools 2 page on you will find allot of documentation there that talks about how to do what you want.

Lastly JD is right on that this will mean you need to load the app through the IDE. And then install with the smartthings classic app. Once the app is installed though you should be able to manage it from the new app.


Thanks again for the insight @JDRoberts and @Mavrrick58!! I’m all set up and running exactly how I wanted to be!