ADT sensors...into ST?

I promise i’ve tried to do some searching on here to find a clear answer to this but…there is a very good chance that those posts got too smart for me too quickly. So I guess i’m starting at square zero…I got smart things for rudimentary security/smart home in my last house. We moved into our new house a year ago and I kind of let the ST system just sit. However, the previous owners had ADT all set up. So, with a baby on the way, my wife has decided we need to get ST up and running. My thought, can I integrate ADT sensors (etc) into ST (the hub) at all?
Thanks in advance!

What is the model of the sensors? In particular, are they hard wired sensors or are they battery operated Z wave sensors? ADT has both.

She should set it up then.

Basically no, ADT sensors are not compatible with ST.

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Sure about that? Really depends on the sensors and the Alarm Panel.

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There are some options, it depends on the exact model of sensors.

If you look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki under project reports and check the security list, you can see how other community members have approached this. With varying degrees of success, because again, it depends on the specific device models.

You can’t typically add ADT sensors to a SmartThings set up directly, but there are sometimes ways to set up a “man in the middle” to capture the sensor information and then pass it over to SmartThings. It just comes down to the details.

OP posted as if he wants and needs something straightforward. ST as an alarm system is not reliable - people are still reporting on occasion that they can’t disarm or turn off the siren. I wish it was reliable for alarms - it ain’t.

If you seriously propose that ST alarms should be used for a multi-person house with a baby, then you do him a disservice.

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Seems like to me, the OP has an alarm system (ADT) that is functional outside of ST and wants to bring in those sensors into ST…Meaning, keep his current alarm system AND incorporate the sensors into ST…

The OP’s question is the exact question I had when faced with the same scenario. Of course someone immediately said it could not be accomplished. However, there is a 3rd party device called Envisalink 4 that I was able to purchase for about $80 that allowed me to interface my alarm system into ST using a community created App and DTH(s) called Alarm Server. Doing this, I also gained 28 sensors that I was able to use in other Home Automation scenarios.

Similar projects have been done for ADT Systems as well. Here is one for example:

As JD explained, it really depends on what equipment the OP has.

Saying no without actually having the proper information needed in order to give a qualified answer is, IMHO, a disservice.

Finally, I had absolutely no technical know-how to do all the things that I have accomplished with my current HA system. However, this community Rocks! There are many users willing to walk users through seemingly difficult setups. Now, what once seemed super overwhelming when I first started off, is now walks in the park. YMMV


Alright, i suppose i should weigh back in. I don’t know a TON about the ADT equipment that I have. The sensors all seem wireless to the ADT receiver. I thought, at some point, someone was running a server that relayed the ADT info to ST but, through my searching, I became less sure: cue my post.

OK, if the sensors are wireless to the ADT panel, if you turn them over they should have an FCC license number on them somewhere (sometimes it’s inside the battery compartment). Once we have that, we can look up the device and see what kind of integration might be possible. It would be even better if you can post a screenshot of any label on the back of the device as there may be other helpful certifications or model numbers. :sunglasses:

Adding to the discussion that it depends on what equipment is currently installed if ADT integration is possible.

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ADT is a reseller of the OEM equipment, such as Honeywell, DSC/Tyco, GE, etc. You need to find out the exact make & model number of your alarm system to figure out if and how it can be integrated with ST.


I work for ADT (corporate, not in the field). To my knowledge all current ADT alarm panel sensors (door/window, presence, etc.) are Honeywell or other proprietary radios. Z-wave has only recently been certified by UL for alarm usage. The Envisalink module referenced above can probably support integrating these sensors into ST, but it’s a pretty complex configuration job.


@BillShepp do you know if the new ST ADT security hub has a way to utilize hardwired sensors? I was looking at getting the Konnected hardware and integrating the hardwired sensors into ST.

I am wondering how the new ADT ST security hub and a konnected kit for hardwired alarm sensors would work together.

I believe the konnected kit basically turns your hardwired sensors into zwave things.

  1. Can the ST hub things be set to trigger the ADT ST security hub.

If not then

  1. Can the zwave konnected thing be added or moved to the ADT security hub?

See the much larger ST / ADT partnership thread for details, but people are reporting success in integrating ST things (which would presumably include Envisalink or Konnected devices) with the SmartThings ADT security app. As others have stated, there’s no indication this won’t be changed in the future, and I have no more information on this than others.

See the following post for a detailed discussion of which sensors work with what:

New ADT partnership, new touchscreen hub and devices 10/29/2017