ADT Pulse Cameras OC835

Hi There,

I have a few of these ADT Pulse OC835 cameras. I’d like to move them to SmartThings as ADT Pulse only supports a 30 second clip and I’d like to increase the size of the clip. Anyone know if that’s possible? How to move the camera’s to ST? If that was possible, could I have storage in ST to store the video files?


You have to have an ADT plan with video for these cameras, from what I can find.

Yes, that’s what I have. But they are still IP cameras. I’m wondering if anyone has been able to create a custom device handler for them and migrated them over…etc.


From what I know about the ADT cameras, they do not stream locally but connect only to the ADT cloud. So, I would check with ADT if the camera feed is available outside their app.