ADT Pulse adds Nest Integration

(Ron S) #1

Well, what can we do…

(Kyle ) #2

What is the actual reason that NEST hasnt been intergrated into SmartThings yet . . . Sureeeeely it must be in the Top 10 useful major integrations needed…


We’ve discussed this in some other threads, but we’ve had a Nest integration pretty much ready for months and months. The hold up so far has been that the Nest partnership agreements really limit what you can do with their devices. For example, if we were to release our official integration you may not be able to use your Nest thermostat in any SmartApps besides what Nest allows/whitelists.

That’s a simplification of the issue but we’re continuing to work on a path that’s happy for everyone. In the mean time you can add your Nest thermostat using one of the many community integrations that are available.

(Kyle ) #4

Cant argue with that . . . best of luck getting them to see things the good old smartthings way :slight_smile:


As we’ve discussed in other threads, potential remote control of a hacked thermostat is one of the few areas where technopunks could cause widespread damage without having to identify any one individual. Turn 100,000 thermostats off in January, or all the way up in July, and you pretty much nail the definition of “malicious mischief.” I’m not surprised that Nest is cautious.

(Ron S) #6

I wish they would do the same for Nest camera’s. I was able to link my nest account to ADT Pulse but the camera’s don’t appear