ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

Maybe he means that routines can’t arm/disarm the ADT security app?

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I did not think the new app supported the ADT hub yet. I got a notification in the classic app a while ago that said the new app was coming for the ADT hub and I would be notified when I should download it. I never received a notification to download the new app and the classic app no longer mentions the new app. I also have no problem creating routines in the classic app. I have no desire to use the new app as the old one seems to work better and have more options.

new app supports the ADT hub, but you don’t have to use it.

Well, when I first got the hub I setup three routines in the Classic app and not a single one of them would run. I’ve had a v2 Hub for a couple of years so I know how to setup routines. They were really basic routines such as turn stuff on at sunset and turn them off at sunrise or turn things on at a certain time. Not a single one of the three ran. I removed them and set them back up with same results. The moment I put them in the new app they ran immediately. Back when that happened I went searching and found this on the SmartThings site.

" I just purchased a SmartThings Hub. Which app do I use?

New SmartThings Hub, ADT Security Hub, SmartThings Wifi owners should use the new SmartThings application."

That is what all that lead me to believe the Classic app routines didn’t work with the ADT hub. If they do work, that is great but now I’ll need to find out why they aren’t working with mine specifically.

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This is definitely not expected.

As mentioned, Routines run in the Cloud, not Hub, and, as far as I know, even “new SmartThings Customers” don’t have anything different about their Cloud Accounts - regardless of what App is recommended.


Now I wonder if it was a cloud issue for me. The day I was putting them in I was forced to migrate to the new Samsung login account, also migrating from a V2, moving to a new email address (to consolidate all my Samsung accounts), and changing all the app logins on multiple devices. Maybe quickly setting up the routines within a couple of minutes after making all those changes didn’t allow time for things to propagate in the Cloud correctly. I did notice a few days later that even “My SmartApps” that I had put in that day in the new account seemed to have disappeared and I had to download them again.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Like I said, all the behavior I saw and read that day made me think I had to use the new app. I’m glad that isn’t the case. I do like the looks and feel of the new app but right now it is way too buggy and I find myself more frustrated with it than enjoying the experience.

Thanks for the update about the new app. I got no notification from Samsung and since it is working was not really worried about it. I may try the new app but not in a hurry as what I have is working. Also just installed ADT Tools 2 and love the fact I can arm and disarm based on triggers and routines.


Are people using the new app vs the classic app now for the ADT Hub? Is it time for me to try out the new app? Anythings that might affect the classic app on the ADT Hub ?

I use both the old app and the new for the ADT Hub. Each seems to have pros and cons

I’ve just recently migrated over from the hub v2 to the ADT hub. I’m still mind blown that there’s no conversion tool available.

I’ve seen conflicting answers on here regarding the applications available from the marketplace. Some state they are missing the majority, others state all the ones from the hub v2 are there.

In my case I have exactly 5 categories and a grand total of 12 available apps. This is less than 10% of what’s available on my hub v2. I’ve spoken with support and was told this is because not all apps are available on the ADT system.

Has anybody who have noticed the limited number of apps been successful at getting access to the full lineup in marketplace?

Unfortunately the reasons for the lack of apps is most likely that they haven’t tested them with the Alarm, not that they won’t work. You can in some cases get the apps from the app templates in the IDE, and they will work. I have installed a few that way.

One interesting option is to install the apps on the location before you add the hub to it. I have heard that is a work around. That doesn’t really help you though once you install the ADT Smartthings panel.

You may be able to create a location. Install the apps you want on the new location. Then merge all of your devices from the old location to the new one in the new smartthings app. I haven’t tested it myself but saw some links to directions the other day.

Don’t forget there are some great apps that are not part of the marketplace, but are community provided. A few i would suggest are ADT Tools 2, Arlo Pilot, and Lock manager. These all help with some integrations points.

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Does anyone have the Carbon Monoxide or Smoke detector. I am curious as to what they present to smartthings in the app. I would expect that at the least they would show if smoke was detected or not, but is there anything else. The water leak sensor shows temp along with the water detector state.

So I installed the new app, but since I’m located in Canada, I don’t seem to be able to see the Arm and Disarm dashboard. Did they disabled it on the new app for people outside of US? So I guess I have to stick with classic on this? Anyone else using the new app that is outside the US to confirm this? Thanks.

Just clear or not from what I can tell. However, under Security Settings the smoke detectors indicate they alarm for fire, High Temperature, and freeze.

The manual says 350 feet from the hub, however I got disconnected in the basement about 30 feet from the first floor hub.
Does the ADT sensors work in a mesh , where every sensor is a repeater?
if not, how to solve distance sensors.

These two questions have come up a couple of times, and I just don’t know the answers…

If you are paying the monthly fee for central ADT monitoring, and your Internet is not working, and one of the Dual logo sensors triggers and the system uses the cellular communications module to notify the monitoring center, do you also get a notification on your phone? Or is only the center notified?

Also, I’m pretty sure the answer to the following is no, but if you are not paying the monthly fee for central monitoring, can the system use the cellular module to send notifications to a different number? In other words, if you’re not paying for the ADT services, do you get any benefit from the cellular module?

I agree with your “no”. Highly unlikely. ADT (& SmartThings) has no incentive to build in a way to input an arbitrary user-cell phone number into the ADT Panel Firmware (unless it is something that already exists and is typically offered on their non-SmartThings systems). ADT’s business model is based on subscriptions: Making self-monitoring easier is counter-productive to revenue.

Any update on the keypads for the ST/ADT hub?

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I know you can’t have two ADT hubs on the same location. Can you set them up as two different locations? If not, can you set them up as two different accounts? I understand that in either case each one would own its own devices and wouldn’t have information about the devices that belong to the other hub.

If you don’t mind the keypads being cloud based you can use ADT Tools 2 and Lock Manager.

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