ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

Jorge, if you create modes you can use that to trigger the automations that you you want based on alarm status. When I arm my alarm in away mode it also changes my smartthings mode to away (via a routine). I created a routine that will trigger based on any sensors that would also trigger my alarm, but only in away mode (lights come on, arlo siren blasts, cameras on etc). When I disarm my alarm it changes the mode to home. The automations will not work when in home mode and shuts off when disarmed. It works flawlessly. You just have to work out the logic.

Nice! That must be somewhat new. Definitely a welcome addition, though.

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Nice…that is definitely new and is a great addition. Thanks for the screen shots!

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That has been around for a few months, and what started me to look at making the ADT tool Smartapp. That is what i firsed used a while back to send me a message when the system changed between armed states.

I’ve had the ADT hub for a while now and was initially pretty excited about having an integrated alarm and HA system since I always hated having duplicate sensors with my old system and ST.

So far my experience has been ok, but recently I started having some issues with Z-wave reliability and thats when I noticed these ADT hubs aren’t receiving regular software updates from Smartthings. The ADT hub is on the 18.x release while regular v2 hubs are on 21.x. There have been no updates to the ADT hubs since release. Smartthings support doesn’t really have a great answer for this other than some aspirational statement about hoping to update software some day in the future. This is what I was afraid of.


You are right. I haven’t put in any filter to remove other devices. The logic has to match to a ADT sensor, so even though you can select a nest device it won’t trigger anything.

But i think what you are asking there doesn’t even need my integration and should be able to do it with other smart apps already avaliable.

You may want to check my repo again I updated it again and added a new child app. You might like it

So with the new V3 smartthings will this ADT hub be considered obsolete? This might be why Best Buy has the starter kits on sale for $399 for the past 2-3 weeks.

Doubt it. Samsung is expanding the number of devices that act as a hub and the V3 is targeted at the same audience as the V2, not the ADT hub.

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They just came out, so doubtful. I think this is like the nvidia shield dongle where they release it then just sort of abandon it due to neglect.

It is hard to know if the ADT Security Hub partnership is a significant business segment for SmartThings or not.

Even if not particularly significant, Samsung has made it clear that they want the ability for the “Hub” to be a software concept, more so than hardware. In other words, Samsung may even license the SmartThings Hub Software to other router, TV, appliance, and smart home vendors.

In a “nifty world” it would even be possible to see Amazon release the “Amazon Echo - SmartThings Edition”; though it’s pretty unlikely in the real world. But maybe other partners like Philips, or Home Depot, or … Wink.

If they could keep the software updated at a reasonable frequency across all of those embedded partners, it’d be great. So far though, all of the other devices they’ve embedded into have been stagnant as far as updates go. Since things are moving fast in this space, thats a significant problem for users who end up with varying experiences and quality.

I love the idea of the ADT hub since I hate having two sets of sensors for alarms and home automation. I was hoping this integration would play out well, but the initial signs aren’t good.


I think you might be jumping the gun a bit. We have no idea when that new hub will come to market.

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A while back I updated my app to include a Mode Change app. I don’t think that was brought up on this thread. It will allow you to setup Momentary buttons and change the ADT alarm status with them within Smartthings.

I have also just started playing with a another child app that would allow you to effectivly link non ADT Sesors to the ADT Alarm State. Basically this would allow you to take advantage of everything but ADT monitoring and the built in siren. It is kind of in a early stage, but could still be useful. Does this sound like something folks would like to add.

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Hi, I ran into an issue this weekend and wonder if anyone has similar issues or can tell me the problem

  1. One sensor stuck at “open” in the app even the door is closed. The panel would still send notification sound “ding dong” when the door is open.
  2. In the app, the current status is “System Not Ready to Arm”. But I seem to be able to arm from the panel or by key chain.
  3. I tried to arm the system from the app this morning when I was away and the attempt seemed to fail from the app. But when I arrived home, the panel was prompting me to enter key code (meaning it was armed as Away).
  4. When I open/close different doors/windows at home, status of these sensors does not change from the app. But the panel still sounds.

I am not sure what went wrong. Can anyone help?

I have seen that as well. It seems that on rare occasions Smartthings stops getting updates properly from the ADT Side. I haven’t seen this happen often. Just maybe once or twice in the months I have had the system.

You have to remember that the ADT Branded sensors don’t use standard Smartthings frequencies (ie Z-Wave or Zigbee). I believe they first go through the ADT side of the system and then locally communicate with the Smartthings side. The good news is that in those cases the Alarm appears to continue to work fine and as expected. I have also only see things with Door/Window Sensors. Generally it has corrected itself within a few hours.

You could try to log in to the IDE and submit a reboot command to the ADT Smartthings panel and see if that will improve it.


Thank you.
I logged in IDE, but didn’t find my hub nor things. I have only one entry under “My Locations”.

Make sure you go under location first. Select the location you setup. You should be able to select your hub from there and I believe it will be listed under utilities or tools.

Thanks for the advice. You are right! The issue was caused by the lost communication between SM and ADT. I recalled that my internet provider was having service outage at approximately the time when this issue started.
I ended up calling the Samsung customer service and the tech helped me to reboot the hub from his end. Now everything has been synchronized in Smartthings.

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I just commited the new childapp for non ADT named sensors to be able to trigger unmonitored alarm events. It is called ADT Alert Any Sensor when you load the app from the repo.

Just keep in mind all this does is use the status of the ADT Alarm to determine of something should happen. You still need non ADT equipment to do the action. ie siren, lights, ect.

Feel free to try it out and let me know of improvements ideas if you like.

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Hi quick question here as I didn’t see it. I’ve recently purchased the ADT Smarthings hub (not pulse) and was wondering if it is compatible with the St classic app? I wanted to use some custom code for other devices that the new app doesn’t work with. Thanks