ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

SmartThings is also an ADT Canopy partner, it’s just that this panel is the way that they’ve implemented it. You can see the term “ADT canopy” used in some of the support materials for the system.

The original partnership announcement was back in January 2016, it’s just that the “in a few months” became “18 months with all new equipment.” :wink:


You can also get to the same ADT website accessible via the ST app at

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Nice find! Thanks for sharing.

I heard my panel saying “Accessing 401K and retirement accounts. Transferring funds complete.”


Hoping it transferred them to my panel…


Anyone else finding the motion sensor to be overly sensitive? I mounted it on a 15ft ceiling and it still triggered when my very small cat walked by. I also noticed bypassing a device only works temporarily – it will re-enable itself after the next disarm event. It does seem that you can completely remove a device through the ADT Canopy website though.

Nice find! I looked for the website but I only found this one which is for the LG device only:

It’s sort of confusing how there’s two websites that are very similar yet each one only supports specific types of devices.

Hah! It happened again at around the same time today and I think figured out the cause of it. I usually keep my keys in my pocket for awhile when I get home from work and I have the ADT keyfob. I noticed that its very easy to pocket disarm due to the massive size of the button… oops. :laughing: I do wish there had been a cover of some sort to prevent this sort of thing.

Lurker here - about to move into a new house and strongly considering jumping in with this. thanks for all the feedback from you early adopters!

This is typical of how bypass works on my conventional ADT alarm - my imagined use case is that you can bypass a window if you want to get some fresh air while you’re sleeping, but you don’t want to leave it open when you go to work the next morning, so you would have to either close it or bypass it again.

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Ugh. This is unfortunate. I was just about to pick this system up. But having a 20lb cat will likely trigger this thing? Ughhh.

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So I was going to ask how you liked the key fob setup… I think this comment answers my question. haha

This is also how it worked with my old Time Warner Intelligent home system. We use the bypass function to turn off a door sensor when we have people in the guest house. My only complaint with the ADT Canopy setup is that I can’t bypass sensors from the app. Sensors can only be bypassed at the panel.

For those of you who are on the new system, I just noticed there is a “submit feedback” option in the ADT portion of the ST app. I would encourage everyone to make use of this feature to hopefully improve the system. :slight_smile:


Per my earlier post, SmartThings has implemented “Bypassable” as a Capability, which hopefully will lead to more official flexibility in the future. Or it could be a locked down feature that is technically there but crippled for innovative 3rd party developers…

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I have SmartThings but want better monitoring and thinking about going with ADT pulse and setting it up along side an ST network and having triggers that trigger on both.

Anyone know if a SChlange lock will disarm the system?


Hopefully you’ll get a confirmed answer; but…

Right now, this likely is possible as long as the new Capability “Security System Device” remains exposed to SmartApps. @RBoy’s lock manager, for example, could be enhanced to call the new disarm command, unless this command is not disabled. It is not documented, so anything can happen.


Yep, it’s possible. Be forewarned that this could change at anytime though. Also, keep in mind webCoRE doesn’t officially support the panel yet so you may need to do a slight modification to get it to work (especially if you do anything that requires arming). Triggering a disarm command is slightly easier.

To create a disarm action simply add your alarm system to webCoRE as a ‘multipower source device’. Then do the following:

  1. Create an IF block for the lock that triggers an action if the status of the lock changes to unlocked.
  2. Now create an action and select the ADT Panel. Select the command disarm(…). Save the piston and test to make sure it works. This only works for disarm – see below for arming the alarm using a piston.

Using a piston to arm the system:

  1. Select the command you want such as armStay(…). Do not click add yet.
  2. Look towards the bottom of the window and click “Parameters”. Click “Add a string parameter”.
  3. Type armedStay or armedAway, depending on the mode you want. Make sure you add the ed
    in armed.
    The window should look like this when you’re done:

  1. Click Add then Save and test the piston to make sure it works.

All the buttons require you to hold them down for two seconds before they will actually issue the command so that does make it harder to accidentally hit a button. However, the issue with it is the disarm button is MASSIVE. To make things worse, it protrudes outwards so if the keyfob is pressing against anything you’re pretty much guaranteed to accidentally hit it. I’ve attached a picture showing what I mean below. The other buttons sit a bit lower but I think it could still happen with them too. Fortunately, the panic alarm requires you to hold down the Stay and * buttons for three seconds and these are the smallest buttons on the keyfob so it would be pretty difficult to hit those by a mistake (The panic label in the center isn’t a button… it’s just telling you to hit both buttons on either side of the label).

The keyfob itself has performed extremely well. It has very good range – I often hit it while I’m pulling into my driveway and it has never failed to issue the command. There’s also a bright LED ring around the disarm button that turns red when you first hit a button and then green when the command was successfully sent. Overall, I’d say the keyfob is still very good despite the pocket issue.


will this work with the normal pulse not the DIY system?

Doubt it, they’re unrelated.

See this thread for discussion re: ADT pulse and ST.

Found this pdf for ADT call center.


Thanks for the details, but dang – – requiring a two button push of that type makes it unusable for many of us with limited hand function. Or for a service dog. You’d have to do a lot of modifications to make the button work with a single press again. :disappointed_relieved::dog:

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Great find. Also provides somewhat of an answer to my earlier issue with ordering yard signs (though I guess they may only be available if you purchase a six-month plan, which I’m guessing won’t launch until later(?)).

Q: When will they receive yard signs and stickers, when are we allowed to send them if they call requesting?

A: As a first phase, the Customer will automatically receive a standard pack of yard signs (2 yard signs and 8 stickers), once they sign up for the available 6 month service plan. This will be shipped to the physical address through the same fulfillment process used for ADT replacement signs today. Later enhancements in the app will allow for better customization.