ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

I disagree because more people with ADT signs actually have an alarm system (if you have sign with the make and model, lol) installed,versus your Home Depot sign. We can do this all day long and go back and forth with opinions. We can agree to disagree it doesn’t matter. I know more about this first hand than you know :slight_smile:

In the end, any sign (Brand name, generic, picture of camera) has proven to detour or reduce the chance of being burglarized.

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That’s beside the point though – we both seem to agree that it doesn’t really matter when it comes to the amateur-opportunist scenario. The question is whether you believe an ADT sign – and only the ADT sign – carries any additional weight in this scenario. I personally believe it does not. I believe that if I’m an opportunist, it isn’t even worth the risk to break into any home with a sign of any sort when I can just go next door to the house with no sign.

If we can agree that an ADT sign doesn’t achieve anything more over a generic sign in an amateur-opportunist scenario, the question then becomes does it help out in a targeted scenario or in a scenario with a motivated thief? I can’t help but conclude the answer is a resounding no. A generic sign provides absolutely no additional information that can be used against you. Meanwhile, an ADT sign tells a motivated thief that you may be vulnerable to certain types of attacks.

For the record, I’m not trying to argue or make this personal in any way shape or form. I just feel like it’s important to consider arguments from both sides. In the end, we can absolutely agree that:

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I wasn’t always in IT, so I know what signage means and who it detours and doesn’t. That’s not an argument, just a fact.

I’m respectfully confused by what the fact is you’re referring to. It seems like you’re saying “I know what signage means and who it detours and doesn’t” is an absolute fact and not opinion? If I’m understanding you right, this seems like anecdotal evidence or perhaps even confirmation bias. I’ll be the first to admit, my argument is largely based on personal opinion. Until I see a comprehensive comparative analysis study on security sign efficacy, I can’t help but feel our arguments are both that of opinion. Regardless, it seems we both can agree to disagree on this subject. Have a great rest of your evening. :slight_smile:

@sgr215 I haven’t noticed any unusual activity with the panel thus far (at least no instances of it talking without me pushing something - then again who knows what it may be saying while I’m out!).

I respect your opinion as to are entitled to it.

Without going into great detail, I have worked with individuals (on the good side) who have been directly involved in commercial and residential burglary and theft in the past. Ive got some good insight and understanding as to who and what they target, what it is they are looking for and what they avoid, so when you might think you know something, you would be surprised what someone acting on that as a career would think versus what the standard common upstanding citizen would think that these people are thinking. I have some pretty hilarious stories to go with it that would surprise you as to why someone got robbed. You might even be the victim of a burglary depending on the outcome of a game of Rock, Scissors, Paper (best 2 out of 3).

Let’s leave it at agreeing that any sign is better than no sign at all and leave the specifics of what signage to our own opinion.

Peace out :slight_smile:

Good to hear. The strange thing about it is nothing is showing up in the event logs when it occurs. Hopefully it isn’t a defective unit… or becoming self-aware.

That sounds like a pretty fascinating background! I grew up in the hood so crime was a part of life but it was all just opportunistic smash and grab or armed robbery. The only one’s actively targeted in the hood were the drug dealers. Fortunately, those days are long over though.

Needless to say, I’m a bit more paranoid than I should be now a days considering I live in a typical suburban upper-middle class development. The worst crime this year was an HOA violation down the street – the guy had the nerve to leave his RV parked on the side of the road overnight rather than his garage. I have no idea how he sleeps at night after committing such a heinous crime. :laughing:


Pics of said GSD, please. Mine.


I believe that in our society today, you have to remain aware at all times, with what happened here in Vegas and Texas the other day. Its just a crazy world we live in now a days and it’s not going to get better. The days of leaving your doors unlocked or thinking your kid could safely go trick or treating without getting hit by a drunk driver or getting some nicely laced candy. Over prepared and slightly paranoid and overthinking to be is better than being ignorant or unprepared for anything.

And LOL to the HOA violation. Rough neighborhood :joy:

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And that’s better than a sign any day!

Great lookin dog!

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Awesome looking dog! My dog is technically a GSD/Rottweiler mix. Here she is doing what she loves best: attempting to fetch rocks at the bottom of the river :rofl:


I don’t recommend the paranoia. Despite being a tragedy, the odds of being a victim of a terrorist attack are miniscule and not significantly higher than in the past.

Violent rates have consistently fallen over the years and decades. The odds of a home burglary are also trivial.

And there has never been a documented case of a child receiving tainted Halloween candy.


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Hah… got to love that adorable smile! For whatever reason, GSD’s always have the most awkward yet adorable chill out poses. My dog loves car rides and if she’s especially tired she’ll put her arm on the door sill and look like a person just chilling out enjoying the wind.

You’re right too – total softie. We have a cat and they are best friends. Here’s one of my favorites… she had just got done fetching rocks and a nap was in order:


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I am monitoring this thread since I am interested in this panel. But looks like I need a dog!
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Yep. The Bureau of Justice Statistics is a great source for this. Here’s their most recent criminal criminal victimization report:

The graph showing 1993 - 2015 pretty much says it all. The fact is, it’s unlikely any of us will ever have a break-in or encounter any other type of property crime for that matter. Nonetheless, there is a post on this forum thanking ST for preventing a burglary and it’s easy to fear you might become that guy one day. :yum:


The use of the word paranoid wasn’t meant to be taken to that extreme. I was reusing the word that was stated earlier in the context it was used in the post before. Maybe it would have been better if I had said that in this day and age, it’s not a bad thing to be more suspicious and aware of your surroundings than of days past. Being more on your toes so to speak.

I wasn’t trying to compare the two incidents of violence to being burglarized. What I meant by this, is that in our society and the planet that we live on, anything is possible and be prepared for anything.

As for being a victim of violent crime, I agree with the statistics that overall this has dropped. However, in the world we live in now, and with changes in technology, people have a higher chance, and more ways of being victimized than in previous decades as you referenced. In addition to preventing someone from breaking into your home, you also get to worry about your personal devices being hacked, clicking on the wrong link in an email, scams that target the elderly, credit cards scanned with rfid scanners, car alarms being disengaged, your personal information (health, credit, financial, dna, etc), making sure your identity hasn’t been claimed by someone else, impaired drivers, and on and on and on. If you asked a kid today about credit card carbons they would just look at you with a blank stare, hehe. Technology in of itself has exposed us to so many more ways that we can potentially be victimized, even if not violent in nature. Whether the odds are low that any of it ever happens to us, there are now more things that individuals have to be aware of that could potentially happen to them. Then you have media that sensationalizes everything to make people worry more (where the laced candy stemmed from), and so it’s one more thing that gets added to the list. You had the local newspaper and the on air news, and encyclopedias decades ago. We are exposed to so much more now. My whole point was about being better prepared and more self aware of all your surroundings in 2017. I didn’t mean to suggest we should all be walking on egg shells 24/7 or looking over our shoulder every second. These are those conversations that are better served while having drinks because there are so many different sides to everything and words can only go so far trying to explain or counter one phrase over the next with an explanation. Words are sometimes taken too literally or in a different context than the meaning they we’re trying to convey. :grinning:

I just noticed that the reason you likely can’t access is due to the fact it’s using a different ADT service/platform than your typical ADT security system. It’s known as ADT Canopy which @seeharrison actually referred to in different post. ADT Canopy is basically ADT branching out to support 3rd party hardware manufacturers using a month-to-month service platform. It’s a smart move on ADT’s part – they intend to implement security monitoring in a variety of home automation devices from numerous manufacturers. Originally, ADT Canopy was only found on the ‘LG Smart Security’ device which had a built-in 1080P security camera. It seems they are extending the platform to include third party devices from Samsung, Netgear, and Glympse. More info can be found on their press release here:

By design, the ADT Canopy website works only with the ‘LG Smart Security’ device. The ST version of it seems to use its own variation of it (for now) and it seems to intentionally force you to use it within ST. The username, for instance, changes at every login.

On a side note, ST mentioned there would eventually be a security camera for this system. I’m guessing it’ll be a new revision based on the camera in the LG Smart Security device. The current Canopy website supports cloud recording so I’m guessing ST will eventually take advantage of that platform when/if an ADT/ST camera is eventually released. Then again, the Netgear partnership might indicate official Arlo support is coming… who knows.

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