ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

Simply put the new smart app will allow you to use non ADT sensors with the ADT alarm system.

The new app allows you to setup a selection of sensors to monitor and send out self monitored alerts of activity if something is triggered while the ADT system is alarmed and by which armed state it is in.

It doesn’t really help if you want everything to be monitored by ADT, but if you have a bunch of sensors before getting the ADT panel this will allow you to use them the same way you could before the ADT panel in a self monitored way, but base the trigger of an alert on weather the real alarm is armed.

Think of it like this. Joe has been using smartthings with SHM for a year and has everything monitored with standard z-wave sensors. He is tired off fighting with some of the quirks of SHM and its partial attempt at functionality. So he goes out and gets the ADT Smartthings panel from Best Buy for a full blown alarm. When he gets home he realizes that it works fine with his 2 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor in the package, but his z-wave sensors aren’t talking to the alarm side. Now with this new smart app it will enable him to use everything he had deployed with SHM and allow them to trigger unmonitored alarms based on the ADT alarm status. It will send out notification, turn on and off the siren/strobe if you have one, flash lights. You can even create zones by loading the app multiple times with different sets of sensors.

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I know the dual logo sensors are visible to the home automation side as well. Someone asked in another thread if the dual logo key fob is also visible to the home automation side, that is, If you can use it as a button press to trigger other SmartThings events, assuming, of course, that you are also using the SmartThings/ADT security panel as your hub. I know the key fob doesn’t work with the other smartthings hubs.

But if you do have the ADT/smartthings security panel Is there anyway to use the key fob for anything other than arming/disarming the panel itself?

I looked at the IDE to see how it connects to smartthings. It appears that it uses the same non standard Wireless connectivity to connect to the ADT Panel. On top of that it doesn’t provide any status to Smartthings other then Panic. When the system changes armed state it doesn’t provide any indicaation as to where the change came from. I really don’t see how anyone could extend that keyfobs functionality.

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That’s what I thought, thanks.

where is this " ADT alert any sensor "

It should appear as a new app from the Repo used for ADT Tools smartapp when you do an update.

Further details are at

ADT Tools thread


ADT Tools at “Things that are Smart”

Thank you for replying so quickly Mavrrick58 ! One more question, are the smoke alarms “interconnected” meaning if one goes off they all go off? Is there a setting to do this? Thanks!

Unfortunately I can’t speak for the ADT smoke Alarms as I dont have either smoke or monoxide sensors. I would be extreamly suprised if they were not linked together since they are all talking to the same head unit I would expect them to work together.

The ADT tools child app for smoke alarms can link as many alarm devices as you have together so from that perspective it can at least help with non ADT siren devices. It was actually the initial purpose for those alerts action child apps.

For what its worth here is the state of play in the UK. To add a tiny bit of fairness it could be that ADT UK may use different brand names for similar stuff.

ADT Pulse - not available
ADT Canopy - not available
ADT/Smartthings - not available
(Smartthings Hub v2 - available)

Typical ADT UK offering - traditional dumb alarm system, so dumb it has not yet learnt how to bang rocks together let alone make a fire.

The ‘best’ ADT offering I have found is -

I think this is some new definition of smart I have not come across before :frowning:

I have been looking for a decent smart home / alarm system for nearly two years now. :disappointed_relieved: There is some very faint glimmerings of improvement, some UK insurance companies (maybe two firms) are now starting to recognise the benefits of smart home monitoring systems e.g. leak detectors and offering discounts on policies. Sadly we are also still being neglected by manufacturers in that whilst e.g. the Smartthings leak detector is available in the UK there are no smart water shutoff valves like this -

Any ADT business outside of the US and Canada is independent of the ADT partnership with Samsung / Smartthings. When ADT was owned by Tyco it was worldwide, but in 2012 Tyco spun off ADT US and Canada as a public company. I would imagine product offerings have diverged significantly in the years since the separation.


Hi, I just want to give my quick review on the ADT hub after using it for half a year now. I live in Canada, so I only use it as self monitoring. Also, the panel cannot change from Fahrenheit to Celsius(Just the panel, the app itself can still show Celsius).

What I have connect to the ADT panel

7x ADT window/door sensor,
1x ADT motion sensor
2x Z wave smoke Alarm
3x Z wave water sensor
1x Z wave siren
2x Z wave locks
3x Z wave thermostat (electric baseboard ones)
7x Z wave Light switches
1x Z wave Mimolite Garage door switch
1x Z wave Garage door Sensor
1x Philip Hue hub
4x Philip Hue Lights
3x Google home =)

There was some issues on connecting to one of the ADT sensors at the beginning correctly, so I strongly recommend getting the ADT sensors all connected first before you add any Z wave, Zigbee or connect to like a Philip Hue Bridge or anything. Once all the ADT sensors are all connected, it should be all good. If they aren’t connected properly, you will need to learn how to do a master reset on the ADT Panel (I learn it the hard way after I connected everything).

I also ran into the problem with testing the ADT panel alarm and trying to trigger the motion detector. Apparently, the motion detector has a 3 minute cool down before the motion detector can be triggered again. Because my ADT panel is within the motion detector range, I was triggering the motion detector before doing Arm Away, so it was always on cooldown when try to Arm the panel. I have to wait 3 minutes after Arming the panel for me to trigger the alarm.

Other than some small hiccups that Smarthings support help me troubleshoot, its working pretty well now. My understanding is that Z wave is potentially hackable, so having the ADT sensors on a different frequency and encrypted makes me feeling safer I guess =)?

Also, if there was a power outage, I can rely on the ADT panel backup battery to keep alarm and sensors active, and also be able to deactivate the alarm on the panel during the outage. If you are using a v2 hub, I am guessing without internet, you can’t really do much with the sensors? i could be wrong.

I didn’t notice huge lag with the adt panel. I would say the schlage z wave lock is a little slower when using the app to lock or unlock. Sometimes wait like 3 to 5 seconds maximum. Other Z wave product seems fine.

I know there are like google alarm system, ring Alarm system, Smarthing ADT hub, so I thought I give my own experience on the Smarthing ADT hub. It is nice having 1 app to do it all, which is why I spent time sorting out some of the issues with Smartthings support.



If you don’t mind me asking did you try ADT tools with your setup

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Not yet =O.

In Europe Samsung and Vodafone have an exclusive deal for Smartthings, ADT do not seem to be involved.
The new security starter pack with camera, siren sensors and software is already on sale in Spain but no date for UK.

I received the ADT Home Security Starter kit yesterday, I was very excited.
But after connecting it to the power and after to my wifi network, it keep checking for update and after a while the unit restarted, and keep in this loop!
I contacted the support regarding this issue, but didn’t get an answer yet.
Anyone had the same issue?

My initial setup 2 days ago have similar issue on the checking for update screen. When mine was ‘stuck’ initially, I think I went into the wireless option a few times to go back and forth (may be even to try disconnect/reconnect the network)

If the update is downloaded properly and applied, it should get into a kernel type screen with a status bar in the bottom.

Thank you, but after checking with ADT team, it appeared that ADT system will not work outside USA and Canada. :frowning:

1501 is the installer code

What does this code allow you to do?

The price on this has been dropped to $199. Same price as ring but better equipment. Hopefully it’s to compete with Ring and not that their discontinuing this.