ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

Little green behind the ears. How was you able to add this to the website?

Yes sir look accurate for what I have plus some zwave devices.

Yes it is honestly thats where Cox settings are at if you had the ISP version. If we can all try to figure out the code we could get deeper into the settings.

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Have their been any updates or improvements to this setup since release? I returned it when it was released in November and im hoping to see some improvement come in. Nest released their system around the same time and has recently received some user requested improvements.

I have seen a couple of updates come through but not sure what they changed. I have not had any issues with the system at all so I do not know of anything I would have seen them fix. What were you looking for them to fix? I can try and see if they have.

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One change is the release of ADT Tools that will hopefully allow some expanded functionality from the Smartthings side to react to actions on the ADT side of the system.

It isn’t intended to trigger actions on the ADT side though. It just enabled some fuctions from the ADT side to trigger Smarthings activity.

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I get an automated call from ADT once a day saying that they have a non emergency signal that they can’t communicate with my panel. I don’t know if my cell radio is faulty or the tower in my area is. I am pretty certain it’s registered correctly but that’s going to be my first trouble shooting step. Basically, I’m wondering if anyone else here with the ADT monitoring on this hub gets consistent automated calls from ADT about the communication failure.

I get that same call when my WiFi goes down even thought the cell backup is working. It is their way of telling you that your WiFi is down which is their preferred way to communicate with the unit.

Well i was wondering if we can now now use routines with the security panel or use a zwave door lock to disarm the security panel?

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Well there hasn’t been any method provided for sending data to the ADT side of the system to arm or disarm.

All of the sensors in the ADT system are exposed to the Smarthings side. So you can create smartthing routines to use them. If you are talking about triggering Routines based on ADT actions that is kind of what my ADT Tools does. So what you are looking for could be an enhancement to that smartapp.

What kind of action or routine were you thinking of. So far i have been focused on Security based functions with triggering things like lights, and external siren/strobe.

Got an email from SmartThings about a super discount for the ADT Home Security down to $199 with 2 additional ADT Door/Window detectors.


Wonder if they are clearing out inventory? Best Buy has had this on sale for weeks at $299.

Anyway to turn on the lights an an alarm trigger? I see your app allows it to flash but I’d like to also just have them come on.

I was also hoping smartthings had updated it to allow the arm/disarm function on a routine. The webcore way may get disabled at anytime since adt/smartthings purposefully disabled it.

I have updated the app with a Light Action type that will allow you to either turn on lights, flash lights, or both. There is a different input value for turning on and flashing so you can have a config that will flash some lights and turn on others at the same time. It has been added to the 4 child apps that respond to alerts.

I understand the desire to have the Smartthings have routines trigger ADT stuff, but at this time that isn’t something i am planning on implementing. My tool simply responds to ADT Alerts. I also don’t really disagree with the desire from ADT to only allow ADT Sensors to trigger their services. Sorry i can’t fix that for you.

Thanks, this works great. Do you think adt or smartthings will disable this smart app? I know there is a chance of the alarm attributes being available to webcore being disabled at anytime. Just wondering if this uses anything that its not “supposed” to?

There is always a chance, but here is why I think it is unlikely. The things I am using are available for other means.

The notifier child app basically just puts what you can do with a regular routine already into a smart app. There is no magic to make it work. The other child apps are using a subscription that is used for other purposes and currently used by the official ADT app.

The last thing to remember at least in my case I am not telling the ADT side to do anything. These apps simply tell smartthings what to do when ADT passes an alarm event. I think that makes it less likely I am doing anything they would be unhappy with.

I would be very surprised if they blocked what my tool does. I wouldn’t be surprised if webcore does at some point though because they tell the ADT side to do something.

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Has anyone tried to add a Philip Hue Bridge with the ADT Hub. It doesn’t seem to show up in search with the ADT hub, but the Smartthings v2 does. Not sure if its just my end.

Thanks. I have some nest devices hooked into smartthings. I see that they are visible in your app. Do you know if I can use an action created from one of those devices to turn on lights like the adt sensors? ask because your description says " Look for ADT activity…"

Yea, it works just like the smartthings hub. Maybe rebooting the hub might work?

I am not sure if it was due to an update but I am able to trigger routines based on my alarm status. I can also arm or disarm. Using Webcore I can also use presence or other smartthings sensors to arm or disarm (I dont have a lock but I am sure it would be the same as any other sensor in webcore). I can also trigger automations when my alarm goes off (it takes a little creativity but nothing that can not be done directly in ST). The only thing I can not do is use smartthings sensors to actually trigger the alarm itself. I don’t think that functionality will ever be included natively.

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