ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

That is correct. Good times!

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I got the ADT Hub and miss having the option to set up alerts via SHM, since it is no longer included in the ST app when using the ADT Hub.


The kit came with two contact sensors and one motion sensor. I bought 4 more motion sensors and have covered all of the areas I wanted to secure. I’ve got about 150 devices in total to move, but it really has been that bad. All of my automations are in webCoRE, so I was able to back them up and restore them to the new location.

Or you could just be lazy and do like me and just create two locations. I’ve been waiting to see whether I’d notice any significant issues in doing so and so far… nothing. The ST mobile app still works fine with multiple locations and I still get notifications from both locations just fine. I can even link events between two separate locations using the IFTTT maker URL functionality in webCoRE. I also got Alexa to work with multiple locations using the maker URL feature. Some might argue that this only increases latency and in theory this should be the case but in practice I haven’t noticed any delays when it comes to triggering events between locations.

Having said all that, I realize this isn’t the ideal setup and won’t be for everyone but I personally haven’t really noticed anything to motivate me to spend days rebuilding my ST network just to get everything on a single hub.

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I have to say this system definitely has my attention. To anyone who has already purchased this system I have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to use two of the security hubs on the same system and disable SmartThings on one of them?
  2. If you already currently using the SmartThings Hub V2, do you have any concerns switching to the wireless ADT hub VS Hardwired hub connected directly to router?

Not at this time. We have adding additional keypads on the roadmap but no ETA.

I have been running the ADT hub for a while now (including internal testing and beta) and so far the wireless connection has never given me any issues. I do have a very robust wireless network at home myself, but I have tested it on a cheap dlink wireless router in a crowded office environment.


Newbie here.

Been enjoying building out our smart home and was planning to add a 2gig or Qolsys alarm system. Original plan was to use ADC for monitoring, any idea how the ADT mobile app capabilities compare to ADC?

The problem is ADT is UL Certified, and they have to be sure that each sensor used for the alarm is. Since the easiest way to make sure third party device’s are UL Certified is to only allow yours, that’s what they did. It makes sure they don’t loose UL Certification, and that’s a big thing when it comes to business. They can’t afford to loose that.


Yeah, you should be able to get signs. I’m glad you were able to, but hopefully with more and more of these sold ADT reps will be more trained.

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That should change next year. I don’t know how it looks, but Best Buy has an exclusive rights to sell it now.

I just bought the alarm starter kit at Bestbuy because there was a $150 price down for the system plus free Geek Squad installation. I have an appointment with two agents this coming Tuesday morning. I was on the phone with several agents for 45 mins and they don’t sound confident nor new what I was talking about until I told them to review my order. The funny thing was that I was waiting on the phone while they read about it unpaused.

After reading through a good amount of comments, I’m unsure of two things about this device.

  1. It’s not very clear on the setup manual how ADT activates the system. Is the monitoring setup done through ST app? If so, how long does it take (mins or days) before ADT officially monitors the house? How do we verify? Log into ADT Canopy or call ADT call center to confirm?

  2. I prefer the touchscreen wall mounted versus tabletop standing. I just moved into a house with a ridiculously old existing system, probably 30+ years old. it has a power source and it’s working without monitoring service. I haven’t open the back panel but I assuming the wiring is outdated. I can see that the ADT ST panel has a power receptor in the back. What is the best way to wall mount power this panel from my existing wiring setup?

Thanks in advance.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. You are better off doing this yourself than having them try to set this up in your home. As you said, they were reading the manual on the phone. Yikes. :slight_smile:

Anyone had any luck getting webCoRE to respond to alarm CLEARED, and Triggered events? I am trying to pulse some external Z-Wave sirens as well and looks like the default webCoRE implementation is trying to use “both, off, siren and strobe” which according to the event logs are not what the panel is sending.

EDIT: Actually I see this in the code for webCoRE. First time really getting into the IDE stuff here. Looks like it is hardcoded for the type “alarm”. Should be able to just add additional variables to the enums and go from there. We’ll see. This should be able to sold @sgr215 panic issue as well?

EDIT: Sorry I see now you are trying to set a PANIC state. Yeah that looks like it’s not happening. Just able to view the state of the alarm…


I’ve been waiting for ages to jump into home automation, but have thus far been mostly a lurker like some other folks in this thread. The new ADT panel got the wife to sign off and after reading this thread I decided to dive in. Much appreciation to all of you folks providing answers to us curious onlookers.

I have a question for anyone that has installed one of these panels… Any ideas on how to hide the power adapter? I’ve been looking for recessed outlets but they are either to small to house the transformer plug or too large in the case of the bezel(?) plate around the outlet making the mounting bracket for the panel no longer flush with the wall.


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Been watching from the sidelines and wanted to compliment everyone on a very useful constructive thread.

The recent drop in price from BlackFriday||CyberMonday caught my interest again but the final trigger pull boiled down to the insurance certification.

Can anyone confirm||deny the lack of certification provision?

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I plan on mounting the box and outlet on the back side of the wall which lucky for me is a closet then running the low voltage plug up to the panel. What is behind your wall?

If you have an unfinished basement or one with a drop ceiling you could put a plug in the floor joists and run the cord through the wall. My father did that with their current ADT system.


I did the online chat with customer support and they said they provide it, but I still won’t purchase a panel until I hear from someone that actually got one…


I have mine mounted on the wall. There is a table stand included and a short barrel plug coming out of the unit. You can easily extend the cable with an extension from Amazon but the included cable was long enough for my purposes. In my case the outlet is on the other side of the wall behind a locked door


Ill be signing up for the ADT service tonight and check if i can get the certificate. They are giving 60 days free if signed up by tomorrow. I do really enjoy this panel. I have it wall mounted and the plug going straight through the dry wall into my garage outlet. the fact that smartthings is built into this security hub is just fantastic. I don’t think any other DIY setup can compete with this. I also got this on Saturday during the Black Friday special at best buy for $399!