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ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

Just noticed this under automation —> Smart Apps


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Nevermind… I figured out the ‘Device Information’ app. The only capability that lets me select the panel is ‘Battery’. Here’s the data it provided:

Device ID: (intentionally left blank… not sure if its sensitive)

Battery, Tamper Alert, Power Source, Security System

Battery: null (no clue why its null… maybe it has to be unplugged to detect battery percent)
Tamper: clear
powerSource: mains
securitySystemStatus: disarmed
alarm: CLEARED

[armStay, armAway, disarm]

Note: That isn’t a typo under commands. It’s showing the incorrect commands… it should be armedStay and armedAway.

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I noticed that as well. You can configure push alerts or text messages which is pretty cool.

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Got it. Looks like I won’t be able to switch until my contract is up in 2 years. :-/

Here’s the device information for the ADT contact sensor, keyfob, and motion sensor.

Contact Sensor

Battery, Contact Sensor, Tamper Alert, Bypassable

Battery: null
Contact: closed
tamper: null
bypassStatus: ready



Battery, Panic Alarm

battery: null
panicAlarm: null


Motion Sensor:

Battery, Motion Sensor, Tamper Alert, Bypassable

Battery: null
Motion: inactive
tamper: null
bypassStatus: null


Note: The ADT Motion Sensor has a three minute delay between motion triggers. This is similar to the Bosch PIR motion sensor. Basically, it will instantly detect motion but will then go into sleep mode for three minutes before it detects another motion event in order to conserve battery power.

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That’s the big one here. “Security System” is an undocumented Capability which I hope @Jim is working on adding to the Capabilities Reference. :wink:

I am guessing that these Commands and Attributes are a part of this Capability:

  • Commands: [armStay, armAway, disarm]
  • Attributes: securitySystemStatus, alarm

That’s what happens when a Capability isn’t standardized and documented prior to usage. While “SHM” isn’t implemented as a “Security System Device”, it would be nice if they used the same terminology internally and externally regardless.

Thanks for sharing this one too. Notice the new Capability"Bypassable" (and its Attribute: “bypassStatus”) in the Motion Sensor and…

And… Yup, another undocumented new Capability (@Jim!) in the Keyfob: Capability "Panic Alarm"

Yes: I find this stuff very exciting. ActionTiles is built to be compatible with the Capability model (almost exclusively!). And thus, knowing these new Capabilities and their details is very important and useful for us to implement new Tiles to view and control devices claiming these Capabilities.


Good to hear it helped… and good to hear I’m not the only one excited by this lol. I’ve been waiting to finally have a seamless security system and automation system and it seems like its finally here. :smiley:

There was talk about this panel potentially being a threat to ActionTiles earlier in this thread but I think the opposite is going to occur: it’s only going to drive sales. I feel this way for two reasons:

  1. The panel can’t control ST things. Meanwhile, ActionTiles can control everything.
  2. You can’t have more than one ADT panel but you can have multiple ActionTiles panels.

Perhaps I’m evidence of this in action. After using a trial license, I’m already committed to buying two licenses (one for the standard ST hub and one for ADT hub). The plan is to buy cheap tablets and put them in each room of the house. I am then going to using the pin pad functionality included with ActionTiles to emulate the pin pad of the actual ADT panel. The end result will mean that the only time I actually use the ADT panel will be to bypass a specific sensor.

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I was already pretty confident of this hypothesis, but I appreciate the concurrence. It would be super convenient, of course, if the ADT Panel’s “screen” could run a browser that runs ActionTiles, but that’s too much optimism! :smile:

If the Capabilities I mention in my previous post are official (and documented), then I am hoping we will be able to develop a way to use Capability "Bypassable" from inside ActionTiles. This may or may not be easy, so we wouldn’t jump right on it, but it’s nice to envision being able to replicate this critical convenience function in directly in AT. Anything we can do to keep Customers from having to use non-ActionTiles apps or dashboards is a good thing in the long term.

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Me too!! I already tested the new panel and ST app integration with my wife and she said “Finally! Something easy to use”. We currently have Spectrum Intelligent Home and it’s app leaves a lot to be desired. Not to mention they’re abandoning their security offering. I’ll be glad to have a real monitoring company monitoring a seemingly awesome platform. Now to finish moving all of my devices over from my current v2 hub. (that I just migrated to two months ago!!)


You’ve got more motivation than me. Honestly, I’ll probably end up keeping the ADT system on its own segment for a while in hopes ST may release a migration tool. I realize this has been a long requested feature with no sign of happening but my hope is ADT will motivate ST to finally do it. Regardless, all doors and windows now have standard ST sensors and ADT sensors so I’m not missing much functionality keeping things separated right now.

On a side note, I noticed the ADT panel has a hidden USB port. I wonder what it will eventually be used for (if anything).


I spotted that too. Have you managed to figure out the code for the ADT installers toolbox yet? That’s what I’m working on.

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No luck here either. Some basic Googling led me to 1561 but that didn’t work. I wonder if ADT will provide it with service activation?

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I just finished creating two SHM pistons that both monitor and set the alarm system. I’m sure there’s probably a way to create a single piston for this but my version requires two pistons. Here’s the code if anyone else wants to do it:

Piston to monitor security system status and set SHM to match it:

Piston to have SHM set security system mode:


Right now the answer is no. We don’t use the cellular radio in the case of a power outage. The cellular radio is only for the ADT security devices and service at this point in time.


Ugh… it looks like someone removed the ability to control the panel via CoRE. It’s no longer responding to any commands and its back to being a dumb alarm.

Here’s to hoping this is just a glitch. :frowning_face:

Maybe, but webcore is also having problems today, most likely due to daylight savings time change

I noticed last night around 6PM CST my panel got a new update. It downloaded a new system image, installed it and rebooted. I wonder if something got “patched”?

On another note, have you been able to sign up for ADT monitoring yet? When I try to register, it still says “Coming November 5th”

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Edit: Nevermind… ignore my rambling. I’m an idiot. See @JDRoberts post above.

Yeah… it sure seems like it got patched. It’s not even possible to monitor the alarm status anymore. If this is indeed intentional it pretty much makes the ADT/ST Panel pointless, at least in my opinion. There is basically nothing unique or particularly interesting about the security system. It’s just your typical manual arm/disarm system with no support for anything… you can’t even setup a basic schedule or control the system via a routine. The only thing ST about the system is that there’s a hub built into the panel and that’s it. In other words, there is nothing ‘smart’ about the alarm system anymore.

In regards to the ADT service: I’m getting the same message. That makes two missed dates now (1st and 5th) unless it becomes available in the next few hours. Regardless, I’m going to give it a few days but I’m already leaning towards returning the system.

You were absolutely correct – I’m an idiot. There was a panel patch released today and I updated webCoRE and nothing continued to work yet other pistons were firing. I thought this was clearly a sign something had changed but I just noticed another webCoRE patch was released ~15min ago and that completely fixed it. All is back to normal.

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I don’t want to be right about this one, but I did make this prediction in an earlier comment Oct 27th:

SmartThings is very predictable. Please SmartThings … prove me wrong this time! Thanks!? :pray:

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