Adt hub with legacy devices?

When using the add hub for smart home, can u trigger the siren in the panel with smartthings devices that are not the special adt devices? Also, when you leave or stay via the panel does it behave like leaving or staying via the app for the purpose of automation!

The ADT Security Hub shows up as a device with undocumented Capability “Security System”.

In theory, custom SmartApps (including WebCoRE) could use this to link to other SmartThings functions like setting SHM Mode (also undocumented), Location Mode, etc…

Maybe even triggering the ADT Siren is possible.


This Capability is completely unofficial and could be unreliable and could be disabled by SmartThings and/or ADT at any time.

The integration between ADT and SmartThings is specifically limited; well… it’s not as clearly documented as it should be.

Discussion is in this thread:

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