ADT Hub vs. v2 Hub

The built in hub is a complete smartthings hub. It just has limited abilities to send info back to the ADT side. Also all ADT dual branded sensors are available in the Smartthings side to setup automations


Thanks for the complete answer.

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Thank you. I also found your Smartapp as a good solution to fill this gap.


If I have SmartThings hub controlling the existing sensors (lighting, buttons) and want to add ADT Hub to do just the security (contact, motion and presence sensors) - can the two hubs/systems co-exist?

The benefit I see in it is that I isolate the security components to ADT hub and have SmartThings hub do home automation tasks. I would not try to add home automation stuff to ADT Hub or vice versa.

Yes; but remember that the ADT Security features only work with ADT sensors, so if you’re aiming in that directly, you might as well skip ADT entirely and get one of the new and more competitive alarm systems like Ring or Nest.

Trying to use my existing IRIS contact sensors with ADT SmartThings Hub. Can you please help ?

Many things you can do through automation. Obviously you can attach them to a door or window and provide notification feedback as to when the door or window are opened. You can use the “Add automation” to turn on or off lights when the sensor is opened or closed. You can use the IDE, login link here using your Samsung or ADT credentials →

Here is a good thread to learn about automation and an embedded thread to learn about webcore:

Did you do a reset on them to join them over to the new ADT hub?

Can you please help me with the reset steps ? I tried diff things from different sites but don’t know which is the right way of doing it.

That will walk you through it. Obviously it will be a little different pairing it to SmartThings.

The link you provided is for 2nd gen.

How do I know if mine are 1st gen or 2nd gen ?


What’s the model number? It should either be on the back of the sensor or inside the battery compartment.

How long ago did you purchase it? I would assume it is a second generation.