ADT Hub System Test Required/Duplicate Sensors/Cellular Module Failure (July 2019)

@reidburke pointed me in the right direction. The system is poorly designed on so many levels. Controlling what you can and can’t delete in the customer front end instead of the back end is a huge no no in the programming world. What we detailed above should never be possible. Also, if duplicates should not be allowed when it comes to controllers, the api or data sharing process should have stopped it before it hit the database even if smartthings made a mistake and said to create it again. Really programming 101 stuff. It is the same reason I am never surprised when there is another data breach, there just isn’t any quality control in this stuff. I just hope the software running the self-driving cars, airplanes, missiles etc. is done better…=) Hopefully they don’t break it again when they “fix” it. I see they just said they are pushing another firmware update.

Agreed. The protection against deleting the ControlUnit should be server side. The lax nature of checks allows us to fix the problem, but it’s silly the problem exists in the first place. Glad my short description was helpful!

And zero authentication questions when I called ADT. They cancelled my monitoring service with no account verification :grimacing:

Be advised. I thought my monitoring was working correctly because I completed the Test Mode steps. Today I had a false alarm and ADT never called. Turns out my location is inactive in their system.

I scheduled a call with ADT tomorrow at 1pm to conference with Samsung and figure out why I’m still not activated.

Even if your location looks OK, you may not be actually activated on the ADT side.


Yeah this is a huge bummer. I asked for a system test and they asked for zero security questions while apparently disregarding the alarm sent out. All I gave them was my name and address. Terrible security.

My location became activated in ADT’s system this morning. No reason for the change was given when I called.

I tested the alarm outside of test mode. I got an automated ADT call 3 minutes after clearing the alarm saying the alarm signal was received but no action as taken because of the disarm. They’re a bit slow, but I’ll test again in a couple weeks to see if the reaction time improves — my account could be flagged as “flaky” because of the frequent test alarms.

Edit: My panel still lists ADT Monitoring Service as “Not Active” even when ADT says it is active.

Thank jeebus for these forums. I was getting the “System Test Required” email daily since July. I don’t know how I never managed to find this thread before. I figured out that my ADT account was showing a duplicate ControlUnit. I called ADT who stated there was a specific department is needed to talk to. Lo and behold, they connected me to SmartThings without even looking at the account.

After finding this thread, I was able to get the duplicate ControlUnit removed and successfully complete the test.