ADT Hub / SHM -- Can you enable SHM if you don't have it?

I have a full home solution with a v2 SmartThings hub. I need to add monitoring for fire/smoke for insurance purposes (significant savings in premium). I have purchased an ADT ST hub and ADT smoke/fire sensors to replace my SmartThings (first alert) sensors (a requirement by ADT for the monitoring service. I currently have both hubs active at my location and can continue with this setup.

If SHM was available on the ADT hub (can’t find it or how to enable it), I would port the rest of my ST solution over to the ADT hub and use SHM (not ADT) for intrusion security. But it seems I probably am stuck with staying with 2 ST hubs. I saw a comment on another thread that SHM is “supposed to be disabled” on the ADT hub, which implies that perhaps it can be enabled. Any input on that?

Also, I know you need to have ADT devices (like open/close sensors or fobs) to use with ADT security. Do those items still work with the ADT hub (assuming SHM can be enabled)?

If SHM is available, I’m quite willing to test all of my devices and provide an update with my findings regarding compatibility.



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If it is possible without assistance from, then you’ll be able to find it in the Marketplace section of the SmartThings App.

You may have to page through all the different categories. If not found there, then contact Support. I strongly believe that if it isn’t in the Marketplace, then there’s no way for a Customer to DIY.

I just received my ADT Panel last Saturday (to replace my v1 hub) and set it up – and I still have SHM.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Create a new location in the IDE
  2. Add some SmartApps to this new location in the IDE (webCoRE, NST Manager) - this allows you to get some devices to the ST app without having a hub active for that location
  3. Play around some in the ST app using the new location – SHM was visible
  4. Once I got the ADT Panel, add some devices via the ST app which then asked me to add the hub – which I did at that time

Not sure whether that was was caused the SHM to carry over from my original location but I’m happy to have them both. I now use webCoRE to change the SHM mode to match the ADT mode automatically and set up SHM to alert me for non-ADT contact and motion sensors (the ADT branded ones use the “ADT Notifications” SmartApp) – best of both worlds!


I set up the ADT ST panel then read @ahndee post. Totally right on. Both apps now working on ADT ST panel. Such a bummer it came to a work around to use two great apps. Adding and deleting is never fun.