ADT Alarm with ST Hub Integration - Help Please!

Arduino is a micro controller that can be coded on a computer and programmed via USB.

You can hook things like sensors to it and Smart Things makes what is called a Thing Shield that allows them to talk to Smart Things natively.!/products/smartthings-shield-arduino

@ogiewon wrote an amazing library to make using the thing shield easier.

He also wrote device types, and smart apps to facilitate converting physical wired contacts to show up in Smart Things via this hardware.

If you want to keep your existing alarm system working, you could add additional Arduino logic to drive relays that trigger when the contacts close and that would allow you to have the functionality of your alarm system and have everything reflected in Smart Things.

Getting the ADT Alarm mode to show in ST is not something I have tried to do. I’m not sure how I would do that. But everything else is doable.

I gutted my old alarm and only used the sensors with ST. I am working with a friend’s alarm system to implement it with Relays to keep the alarm intact.

At my house, I replaced the keypad that controls my alarm (that had 4 wires running to it) with an LCD display that I use to display the status of all of the wired sensors.

This all works really well.

If you decide to go this route, I suggest starting with an Arduino Mega and a Thing Shield and then looking at the sample code in @ogiewon’s Github repository.