Adorne Hub Integration (ST + Echo)

Currently I have some HAI UPB Switches / Dimmers these are not so easy to automate, going the Homeseer route might be a little overkill just for lighting (Adorne is nicer). So what I was thinking is replacing with the excellent looking Adorne switches / dimmers by Legrand. Legrand makes a adorne hub but it does not seem to have much support. Legrand does make available the MR232 protocol guide so my question is how difficult would it be to create a driver for the ST hub?

My understanding is that one could also use the Aeotec z-wave adapter to convert these to z-wave. The ultimate goal is to get the lights working with ST Hub & controllable by Amazon Echo (ie come home, turn on kitchen lights). In a Youtube video I noticed that someone created an app plus a device using hubactions on a older legrand controller, so it’s clearly possible.

@Mike_Maxwell : I have seen a few posts regarding adorne from you, do you think someone from this community could tackle this and at what cost?

Appreciate everyones input on this and suggestions!


I didnt feel that Legrands bang for the buck existed for their radio device functionality when I initially set up my lighting, so I never bothered down that rabbit hole…
Finding someone here that both has these devices and the skill to integrate them might be chalenging.

@emilkacp I’ve used the Aeotec Micro Switch & the Aeotec Micro Dimmer with the Adorne Push and it has worked with no problem. I am going to be testing this weekend in using the Aeotec Micro Switch with the Adorne Touch switch to see if I can get that to work as well.

On a side note I have been waiting for the new Aeotec Nano Dimmer and Switch release in order to try to do the whole hose from my understanding from Aeotec the new Nano switch should work with the Adorne Touch but they are not sure about the dimmer version.

Has anyone heard on an ETA for the release of these. My last conversation was that they were suppose to be released end of November/early December. I noticed that they have updated their wiring diagrams back on the 8th for these.

First response here, long time lurker. I have used all of @Mike_Maxwell tips and have Aeotec micro dimmers throughout a new house. All adorne switches/plugs etc throughout. It’s beautiful stuff. I tested all of the adorne line with Aeotec before closing up walls. They only work with dumb switches as @Mike_Maxwell has previously reported.

The Touch is a beautiful piece of hardware. But it does not work in my direct experience with the Aeotec line. I was only able to get Paddles, Paddles (modified to momentary), and Push products to work. Touch and Soft Tap did not respond in any environment.

The Aeotec delay on their nano dimmers is pretty frustrating. I finally went with Micros throughout b/c i couldn’t wait any longer.

A final learning - the nightlights from adorne work with Aeotec but the Locator Light (center glowing dot) quit working when Aeotec is installed.

Adorne + nightlights + locator light + micro dimmer makes for a very crowded 2 gang (even with installed deep boxes). We haven’t been able to get it all to fit in 3 gang or larger.

Good luck.

Okay so I just have read on the Legrand website that their Intuity 2.0 system which they use to control the whole house lighting system is now compatible with the Aeon Labs Z Wave extender if this is the case would there not be a way to use this.

I also found this from month back showing the integration of the Legrand LC601 being used with Amazon Echo through smartthings. So would you not be able to do this in order to control the Adorne.

Morning all, I have been in conversation with Aeon Labs over the last couple of months in regards to the Legrand Adorne Touch switch. Last month I sent them a Adorne Touch Switch and plate for their use in testing it with the new Nano Switch. I heard back this morning that the new Nano Switch will work with the Adorne Touch switch. They have sent a couple of photos which I will try to upload this evening.