Additional voices for speaker notifications?

Is it possible to add more voices to the speaker notifications ?

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Short answer is yes, but only for the “custom” texts (i.e., you enter the text). See this site for available voices:

Long answer. This requires either WebCore pistons or a custom Smart App that takes your text and voice inputs, gets the sound, and has the sound sent to the speaker for execution. I do not know if one exists, but it sounds like fun.

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WebCore Question on Custom Voices

WebCore users: Does the WebCore textToSpeech function allow entry of a voice (second parameter in command line after the text). If so, I believe this is a no brainer. I have tested the command to my Samsung R1’s, and the device handler accepts the voice parameter (and actually works).

Yes… this has been implemented in the RemindR app.

Currently not… but I posted the feature request a while ago :slight_smile: