Additional Commands windowShade new SmartThings App

I have a DTH for some window shades and I’ve added support for Tilt Up and Tilt Down commands. I can see them in the Classic app but I’m not able to see them in the new app. I’ve setup supportedWindowShadesCommands but it still doesn’t display in the new app. I just can see Close, Open and Pause (Stop).

I’m sending LAN json commands to a local interface.

Follow-up Question: I’ve tried to change “Pause” to “Stop” however I am not able to do that. Is this because of ocfDeviceType: “oic.d.blind”, vid: “generic-shade”

Curious, what shades are these? (custom or COTS?)

They are custom window coverings. Somfy RTS motors (li-ion rechargeable) using a myLink.

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