Adding Thread-based Matter devices to SmartThings Hub?

Hello everyone! I’ve updated my Aeotec v3 Hub and was able to successfully add a device using an ESP32C3 development kit and the corresponding Matter light application on connectedhomeip’s repository.

connectedhomeip/examples/lighting-app/esp32 at v1.0-branch · project-chip/connectedhomeip (

I’ve been wondering if anyone else has had success pairing a Thread based unit? I’m currently using EFR32xG24 board from Silicon Labs for testing. I’ve had success connecting and controlling it on Apple Home and chip-tool so far, but I haven’t been able to commission a device to this ecosystem.

Other people have reported the same issue, both here, and on other forums. Not sure what to tell you besides that. :thinking:

Here’s a thread discussing the issue: