Adding SmartThings to Samsung Watch when connected to iPhone

Hi, hoping someone can help me here. I’m using a Samsung Active 2 smartwatch connected to an iPhone. I want to be able to put SmartThings on the watch so I can control my August door lock. According to Samsung, it’s not possible as you can only download the app to the watch if it’s connected to a Samsung phone. This seems ridiculous to me and I figure there must be a work around.
Any ideas?

Looks like you can do it directly w/o Smartthings with an Apple Watch and the August app.
If the Samsung watch supports the August or IFTTT app you can give those a shot.

Thank you. Unfortunately, the August app is only available for Apple Watch currently, not Samsung. And I didn’t see any IFTTT app, but I can keep looking.

Laura Horstman

The watch smartthings doesn’t have as much functionality as the phone app
For example, I can’t control my blinds (although I can activate a scene that changes them) You might be able to side load it , I’ve never done it personally on tizen.

You should be able to do it. Setup the watch in WiFi mode and access the play store and download the app.

Like Tim said its not as good as the phone app. But I do have a widget setup to a scene so at the press of the screen it opens my front door.

Think you meant galaxy store not play store :wink:

But yeah, scenes as widgets are the way to go. I find scrolling through individual devices too fiddly on a watch

Whats a word between friends :grin: