Adding room photo?

I like the new organization but when I created rooms I didn’t have photos to associate with my rooms. I took photos and I can’t figure out for the life of me how to add them to an existing room. Anybody figure that out?

Select the room, then the three dot thingie top right, then edit room.

I did that… was first thing I tried. It shows “Give your room a name” and the device to feature on the top. And then an Add/Edit devices in this room option followed by a list of devices in the room. None of these are the photo. Really bizarre. Is this just an iPhone thing maybe?

I removed a room and added it back in and it let me pick a photo upon addition as expected. Then I realized that on the iPhone app the photo only shows in the tiny bubble on the left in the list of rooms so you can’t see it anyway. So I think I won’t worry about it. I am curious however why this is even there if you can’t edit, add, or remove a room group photo like you used to be able to do. I remember the group photos were easy to add.

Works as expected on android…

I just noticed the same thing as well. I’ve already created a bunch of rooms in the app and the only way to add pictures via iPhone is to remove and create the room again from scratch… real bummer. I guess since ST is now owned by Samsung the app will always have more features on Android than iOS, or at the very least new features will roll out first on Android followed by iOS.

Well I’m starting over again because I did the upgrade to ST v2 hub. I added my first room and gave it an image and then that image still didn’t show up. It may have been too large. I will try again. Anyone else having room image problems on IOS?

Not working for me on a SAMSUNG phone :confused: Software never updates the room when I add photo it just spins in a circle continuously.

Edit: It just started working this afternoon? Is this software always this flaky?