Adding remote to hub (Minoston S2) displays incorrectly as generic switch- how to fix?

Hi, I have a Smartthings Hub (000.048.00003) and I have been trying to add a Minoston S2 remote to it unsuccessfully.
The inclusion itself goes ok via the Smartthings app but no matter if I use the brand name selector, the QR code on the back, or the pin during install, or use find nearby device action, the device is always added as a generic switch/dimmer and not as a buttoned remote.
Worth noting is that this had worked previously correctly as expected but since the device had response issues I am trying to reset and reincluded it which is now having the issue.
Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone who might be able to assist. I have also reached out to Minoston as well.
Any thoughts?
Thanks so much,

I have the exact same problem. The 4-button remote (S2 remote switch MR40Z) was working fine since Nov 2022. I had access to all four buttons with different click combinations that was perfect for my application. Then suddenly about a week ago SmartThings showed it offline and nothing I did could get it back online. So I deleted the device, reset the device, and added it back in. Just like above, I can get it back into Smartthings, but only as a switch with a dimmer, NOT a remote button. My SmartThings hub is at 000.048.00005.

I too am at a loss on how to proceed and get this working again. Any suggestions would be great!

Jim Smith

What edge driver are you using?

I have one thar is using a driver provided by Minoston
Z-Wave S2 Remote Control Switch(MR40Z) | Minoston | 15

***FIXED! SOLUTION FOUND! *** :grinning:

The problem seems to be that the wrong driver is used AS DEFAULT when Smartthings creates the device. To fix this problem, I found these directions from here:

[First, delete the device from SmartThings, then follow the directions below, and finally add your Button Switch back into SmartThings. This time it will correctly pick the right driver and all the 4-button functionally will be available.]


Regarding SmartThings usage exceptions:
If the SmartThings replacement service results in abnormal use of the product, please install a new driver according to the following solutions.


  1. Enter the URL (Samsung account) in the browser or scan the above QR code to open the SmartThings Edge Driver subscription channel of the product.

  2. Log in to the SmartThings account after opening the SmartThings Edge Driver subscription channel.

  3. Select the SmartThings Hub you are using, and click “Enroll”.

  4. After “Enroll” is completed, click “Available Drivers”.

  5. After entering the “Available Drivers” page, find the corresponding product type “Install”.

  • If the device is a z-wave plug/switch/dimmer switch, please select “Z-Wave Switch

  • If the device is a z-wave remote switch (MR40Z), please select “Z-Wave Button

  • If the device is a z-wave sensor(MSE30Z), please select “Z-Wave Sensor”.

[For the Minoston S2 Remote Control Switch (MZ40Z), you want to install the “Z-WAVE BUTTON” driver.]

Guide Video for Installing Edge Driver for SmartThings

Good Luck!

Jim Smith