Adding Nest Thermostat

Which link do I click on for nest thermostats and cameras?

You don’t click on any link. It is not currently possible to connect Nest products to SmartThings, ever since Google discontinued the Works With Nest program a few weeks ago.

so basically if you are on the old nest plan you can continue using NST manager, etc until they shut down Works with Nest completely, correct? Have they given a date on that?

I was just looking into converting my account to a google account so i can take advantage of the new plan as i have multiple cameras and it will save me a lot of money. then i did a little research b efore doing it luckily and found out it breaks work with nest and that is how i ended up here to figure out if it would affect smartthings integration.

i am really upset since i just bought a nest thermostat i was going to replace my ecobee with just so i could integrate with the smoke detectors and the new sensors for better prescence and away detection, etc. so basically no point of installing that now!

Correct. No date given, they just said that they’ll keep existing connections working until they’ve added some of the old Works with Nest functionality into the Works with GA API.

Thanks for that clarification. So I am stuck paying per camera I guess for now if I want to keep smartthigns working. I guess I will have to weigh it out.

If they are adding old functionality to the new API it sounds like there is a chance that when Works with nest is shut down (breaking the existing smart apps) that the smart apps may have the new api actually available to them to use at that time right?

Why do you need Nest with SmartThings?

One less app to contend with, can customize more with ST. Obvious answers.

Perhaps obvious to you but I have a Nest thermostat, ST, and Alexa and have not once needed my Nest integrated with ST. If I need to adjust the temp I ask Alexa to do it or I go to the Nest app.

I was looking for a more specific answer with a specific integration. Not a snarky one with “obvious” reasons.

There might be a workaround to the problem but the forum can’t help you unless more specific info is provided.

Besides, you’re not even the OP

One example … I have a ST webCoRE piston that detects a doorbell press, sends me a text message and uses a Nest camera to take a snapshot of the front porch. I can’t do that with the native Nest app.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. This thread is about thermostats. My bad.

Another example, this time for a thermostat - by integrating with ST I am able to display and control my Nest thermostats via ActionTiles.

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I use ST to set my Nest Thermostat to Away (eco mode) since I never had much luck using Nest presence. Using Nest, it Generally would not change to away for up to an hour after I departed.


Nest has a motion sensor so can be used to trigger events if integrated as a SmartThings device. Fingers crossed the ‘Works WIth GA’ programme will deliver a solution…at some point !

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I just came across this thread much to my disappointment. I never would have purchased a Nest thermostat if I knew it wouldn’t be available to add to SmartThings. I thought for sure I had done my research on this, but apparently I missed something somewhere. I previously had a Honeywell thermostat that integrates via cloud-to-cloud but I could at least include changing the temp when I ran a scene, like “Away” or “Goodnight.” At least it was easy to install, so it will be easy to uninstall. Sounds like consensus is Ecobee is best? Better than Honeywell? Please let me know if you have thoughts on the difference between those 2 options. Thanks!

I’ll take my $100 Honeywell lyric t5+ over a $300 ecobee any day. For me, personally, it does everything I need it to.

Hey all,

Yes, very dissapointing this mess that Google did but in my case I did manage to find a workaround which is reasonable. I have NEST thermostat (yah …:frowning: ) and TADO TRVs .
So, basically even if the NEST integrations are out, the Alexa to Nest still works. So, i’ve basically created 2 routines in Alexa one to turn on the thermostat (basically set it to 24 C) and the second one to turn it off (19 C). Then using a virtual switch in smartthings, i’m controlling the Alexa routines. On top of that the TRV’s from each room will control the virtual switch and basically tell the thermostat to go on /off. I know basically i’ve reduced the Nest to a dummy on/off switch but for me it is too much of a hassle to take it off from the wall and buy something else. For the Tado TRVs, i’m using the Tado SmartApp created by fuzzysb, modified to control the virtual switch.
Not ideal but does the job.


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Does this work with nest temperature sensors?

The Nest integration with WWN (official Nest APIs) doesn’t work anymore. The link below is a new Nest integration for SmartThings which also exposes the Nest sensors:


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I want my present sensor to identify when my tenant is not present. I want to adjust the thermostat when they are away Vs. when I’m not away. I see some possible Solutions in the thread below.

I don’t understand how insert Nest thermostat in ST.

Yeah but it just doesn’t look as good