Adding more features to my Aeon Home Energy Meter v1

I just learned about creating new device handlers and have expiremented with 3 different shared handlers on this forum. I do not see any differences though in the data the Aeon Home Energy Meter v1 reports in the app.

I see some people have added tabs for cost of total electricity and a few other options as seen here:

Aeon Home Energy Meter & Xively logging Integration

But I do not see this functionality on my ST app. I am using Android and everything is all updated.

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Look here for more info on the HEM v1:

Here’s a link to my DH if you haven’t tried that one yet:

Thank you, this seems to have helped a great deal. I even got Google sheet logging now. My main issue is the android app does not show any of the config settings I keep reading people refer to.

I hit the gear and it only lets me change the device name. I still am trying to get more features to display in the tiles on the app. I’d love to input the cost of electricity in my app for instance. Thanks!

Hi @awest1981, Did you install the DH from the link above, and change the device to use it?

Thank you for response. I was about to update with a screen shot of my phone’s app. I did install the DH last time and it has worked. I set the device to Self-Published in its settings. I still do not see any change to the app. Am I wrong in wondering where the settings are for adjusting cost of energy and the other tiles I see people posting? I have V1 of this device and I am pretty sure I do not need V2 for it. Thank you again.

You’re not done yet. Installing the DH is one step, now you need to go to the device in the IDE and change the field Type to what you just published.

Forgot to reply here. I fixed it by finishing up. I didn’t know about the Type field until I saw this post. Thank you.

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Hi John

I am using your DH and it works well, can you also let me know which Version of the Firmware you are using? I am currently on version 3.61

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sal, thanks! I’m using 3.61 like you.

The only problem with 3.61 i have that the updates are provided every 6 mins nothing before that, if that OK?

Also i read one of your posts today and you provided a link to download 3.67, so i upgraded mine to 3.67 today, please advise on the best firmware version. I am using your DH verbatim.

Thanks in advance.

Either version works fine for me, and I get live updates too. I have 2 HEM’s on each version, with v3.61 probably sending crazy high readings more often. None of mine are on battery power. I should update my other 2 to v3.67 some day.

Thank you for your response, v 3.67 has been working fine since yesterday, and sending updates very well. thanks

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