Adding member from another country to V3 hub?

So, I bought the IM6001 smartthings hub to help a friend monitor his home while he is out of the country for the next few months. He had issues adding the hub with his phone, so I let him use mine.

So, he was able to view the dashboard from his phone now since he used his credentials on my phone. The problem I found out later was the personal info on my phone had his name and email. Even when I went to use Samsung Pay, it show his name and email.

I went through the process of changing the name and email in my Samsung phone back to my own. When I did this, he could no longer access smartthings from his phone. Samsung would also not allow him to login with his email address anymore.

So he ended up creating a new smartthings account and I tried to add him as a member to the location, but I get an error message that shows his Samsung account region is different than mine. Any work around to get him access so he can continue to monitor his home?