Adding Linear / GoControl WD500Z-1 to Google Home

Any tips or guides on this? Tried getting the Samsung smart things account to work and it’s not picking up the light switches.

Sounds like you may not have a hub yet?

I do have a hub, but after connecting it to GH, it doesn’t show any of the light switches.

Did you perform this action to authorize access to your things? Or is this where you see nothing?

Yes, done, but it only shows my washer, dryer and dishwasher. None of the light switches I’ve got access to in the ST app.

You might have two Locations on your ST account. (They might even have the same name.) See if you can choose a different Location on that authorization page.

I think that may have been it, although I’m not clear how… very strange, but I really appreciate the nudge on that. Wouldn’t have gone that route otherwise!

It’s a common occurence. You can search the community for more details on why it happens etc. I made my correct Home location the default and deleted my extra one. Just make sure you don’t delete the one you want to keep. You’ll use the IDE to clean that up… unless there’s a legit reason for you want to keep both.