Adding HDMI-CEC between Projector and Receiver

I have an Epson 8350 projector (without HDMI-CEC) hooked up to a Pioneer AV receiver. I’d like to see if I can have an HDMI repeater between the two to allow me to effectively add my projector as a device so I can send commands to turn it on or off.

This is the device I purchased:

I’m not sure whether this set up would work and how I would even get this repeater to be recognized by SmartThings. The device doesn’t have any buttons, just an input port and an output port.

Am I incorrect in my research and this device won’t work for my intentions? Or am I missing a step getting it picked up by ST? I would appreciate any guidance from you experts! Thanks!

Sorry, I think its just a dumb repeater. Also, if your projector does not support HDMI-CEC then what would the repeater be all to tell it to do? The projector would need to be able to receive a command to do something. Secondly, for SmartThings or any other device to ‘talk’ to the repeater it would need to have some kind of interface and protocol to receive commands.

I knew it was too good to be true! :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like I may be able to add a Harmony Home Hub to address my use case. Are there any other examples that I could look into?

Use Harmony for this.

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I have a Sony receiver and an Epson 3500, I used to use HDMI-CEC religiously along with the nVidia Shield, the DirecTV box and so on. While I love HDMI-CEC and think it’s pretty cool tech, there are some quirks and issues about it that I completely disabled it all and went with a Harmony Hub + Touch remote.

Absolutely zero regrets and wouldn’t go back to HDMI-CEC unless I had a very specific reason to do so that the Harmony Hub couldn’t do.

After I posted it, I realized the Harmony Home Hub would be the most direct solution. I am curious, for others who stumble across this or are in the same situation as me, whether there are any other solutions for this use case.