Adding ford pass to SmartThings

Alexa has a skill that allows it to lock, unlock and start ford vehicles with Ford Pass, is there a way to control these functions through SmartThings? I’ve searched the forum and I found some discussions about the old ford remote connect, but nothing about fordpass, if I can’t do it directly, is there a way to add an Alexa command to a SmartThings routine?

I have a leaving for work routine that I would like SmartThings to start my car, is there a way to add a step in the routine to where Alexa could send the command to start the car?

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You might want to look at this topic:

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Someone wrote a node module called ffpass ( that allows you to do this and more. I spent the day yesterday packaging all the dependencies and editing some code for it to run in AWS Lambda. I now have a REST API that I can query with webcore e.g. to start my car when I double tap a switch. Even better the iOS Shortcuts app can do GET requests with custom headers, so I use Siri to start my truck, unlock my doors, or ask how much gas I have left.

When I get some free time I’ll post the Lambda code and a quick how-to.

Just out of curiosity, do you have a CO2 sensor or/and an extraction fan in your garage as well? - Just to trigger it, if your car is running too long without opening the garage door. (Or stop the car if it was running too long without leaving with it.)

If I had a garage that would be a great idea, but the truck lives on the street. Sigh… life in the big city.

That is a really cool application of this integration though. Even if the vehicle was remote started outside of ST, you could set up an Awair or another CO2 sensor in the garage, and if levels got too high you could send a shutdown command and turn on an exhaust fan.

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Then I don’t really see the need of remote starting a car. Or am I missing something.

(I am not paranoid, but that seems to be a bit of a vulnerability, especially on an open street.)

Same reason as you do if it was in your garage. To get it warm or cool before you leave the house (even more so, since it isn’t in an enclosed building).

The car can still not be entered or driven without the key fob in the car.

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My fork can be found here for anyone looking to run this in AWS.

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Sorry to revive this old thread, but was hoping someone got a bit further with this. I don’t know anything about Lambda as above.

I learned today there is an integration for home assistant, was wondering if it’s portable to Smartthings, or a bit more info on getting this to work.

I have a nice routine to leave house, when I close the garage door the gates relevant to the car open up. All nice and sweet, but it would be even better if in the mean time the car already started and started heating/cooling the interior from the mains power (it’s a PHEV).