Adding Fibaro

(Nick Palfrey) #1

Evening folks,
I’m moving into a new house and plan to instal 10/15 Fibaro relays and dimmers.

I did a test run and realised that the switch needs to be really close to the hub… not necessarily easy without a mega long Ethernet.

So my question is, can I add a new thing without the hub being connected to the internet?

Many thanks,

(Bob) #2

Some people have just connected up the neutral and live to the Fibaro unit on a flying lead that you can plug into a socket near your hub. Then pair it with the hub and properly install in the position you want it.

(jkp) #3

the answer is No :slight_smile:

(Robin) #4

It only needs to be super close to the hub if there is a repeater between the Fibaro and the hub.

In most cases you can get away with including them in the final location.

You could also include outermost devices first before including devices in the middle… this goes against the norm or building a good mesh, but if your home isn’t too large it will be fine… just run a zwave repair when everything is included.

(Nick Palfrey) #5

Thanks Robin!