Adding different iphones to different Locations?

I am trying to track when my family leaves from home and their work. I have added the Locations of their work places under Locations. I have noticed that under each Location if you go to Dashboard and tap on the Gear icon at the top it will bring you to a Configure screen. At the bottom of this screen is a Custom tab. If you tap on this you can setup a new monitoring rule. Now if you follow along in this setting you will notice that you can setup a push notification/text for when a presence sensor (iphone) arrives or leaves this Location. So what I would like to do is setup my husband’s iphone in Location Husband’s Work and my daughter’s iphone in Location Daughter’s Work so that I can setup push notifications for when they leave these Locations. How can I do it? If I try to add a thing and select presence sensor and then tap on Connect Phone it just connects my phone.

Add them as a presence sensor from their phone.

So I have to do it from their phones? OK I will try that. Thanks!

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Just tried this yesterday and it is awesome!

Yes, it works well for keeping track of everyone.

Glad it worked! I use it too - one of my fav features

Yes, I didn’t want to shell out more money to Life360 when I could just use ST.:smirk:

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