Adding devices network ID (Nest)

Hi Community!

Would anyone be able to assist on how I find a network ID for a device? I am trying to integrate my Nest Thermostat.


For my Tado I just put in Tado Thermostat.

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Are you using Nest Manager?

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As said above, I have a Tado.
In the ID field that you are after, that is what I put in.
Give it a try.
It won’t do any harm and if it’s no good, just delete the device and try again.
For the Tado I use the Tado (Connect) smartapp.

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awesome thanks. now that i have it added, using nest manager, it is only showing 0 degrees and i can’t control it(it still work manually). any ideas?

Ensure you followed all the installation instructions in the link above.

You should look at IDE logs and share them in a private message with tony or myself.

figured it out… i didnt install the nest thermostat from got that done and now its working!

thanks again!