Adding custom things into dashboard categories

(Matt Martz) #1

Is there a way to add my custom devices (alarm controllers, cameras, nest thermostat, etc) into a pre-defined or custom dashboard group?

For example, I have my DSC Alarm Panel “thing” and two IP cameras and I’d like to put them in the security dashboard group (or whatever it’s called… i don’t know cause i can’t see it)… Right now everything gets shoved into the generic “things” group.

Is it based on capability type or what?

(Lee) #2

Anyone know how to do this? It’s driving me crazy after adding 4 Honeywell Thermostats using Custom App.


I’m having this same problem - anyone know the answer, or does the capability not exist?

(Ben Edwards) #4

Well the thermostat would be in the Comfort dashboard module but that is not released yet. Soon.