Adding Capabilities to Existing DTH

I bought a GoControl z-wave thermostat 5 months ago and have already replaced the batteries twice (I don’t have a c-wire). I don’t mind feeding it batteries but the thermostat stops working when the batteries go dead and I only know they’ve died when my house gets really cold and I to go look at the lifeless thermostat. I would like to use WebCoRE to send myself a message when the batteries are low but it appears the stock z-wave DTH doesn’t expose battery level.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to modify the existing DTH to expose battery health? Other than knowing how to go into the IDE and create a DTH from someone else’s code, I know nothing about them. I’m hoping a few lines of code might add that ability to query battery level. Any suggestions are welcome. As a note, I know there is an existing DTH that I can purchase but prefer to not spend the money when I only need battery info.


If the device’s firmware is capable of reporting battery, then you can write the appropriate Z-Wave code to enable Battery reporting and format it according the the specifications of Capability “Battery”.

While you may get lucky and find a code fragment here; I have to emphasize what should be obvious: The time and frustration required to modify the DTH yourself almost certainly exceeds the small license fee of a well written and supported option.

As thrifty consumers (we are using a very cheap system - SmartThings, of course), it’s understandable that we have the instinct to save a buck wherever and whenever possible.

But that instinct can slip into irrational territory very quickly. Having thermostat battery reporting is valuable for comfort and perhaps for energy efficiency (i.e., real savings?). The few dollars you spend on a supported DTH will help encourage such for-profit developers to continue to offer more and more invaluable add-on functionality for the entire SmartThings ecosystem.